Tru'eb Cholakk was a male Twi'lek smuggler who worked together with Platt Okeefe. He was tall and preferred to wear gray and black tunics. His voice was deep and resonant, which gave his speech a pinch of respectable pride.


Trial of Tru'eb Cholakk

Tru'eb Cholakk on trial.

Son of a head-clan member of the Rylothian city of Kala'uun, Tru'eb dreamed of one day leading his people. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped by his cousin Ku'amar and given to slavers. Eventually, he ended up in the hand of Big Quince who made him his personal servant.

While in the custody of Big Quince, Tru'eb befriended a Human slave girl called Platt Okeefe and together they managed to escape the clutches of the Sludir slaver. Okeefe taught Tru'eb about spaceship piloting and helped him buy the Luudrian Star. Tru'eb specialized in gunrunning, supplying the Rebel Alliance with much needed weaponry, and continued to serve the New Republic. He primarily operated in the Outer Rim Territories and the Mid Rim. He would also work with the mercenary group, the Black Curs under the leadership of Dirk Harkness.

Cholakk was a distant relative of Black Sun Vigo Lonay.[2]



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