Trulalis was a planet in the Trulalis system, and it was colonized some time around 500 BBY. The planet was known for its theater. The populace was eliminated by the Galactic Empire. It was the homeworld of Adalric Cessius Brandl and his son, Jaalib Brandl. Adalric trained Jaalib as an actor on the depopulated world, and also trained Fable Astin in the Jedi arts, intending to turn her to the dark side of the Force and give her to Emperor Palpatine on Byss. Adalric tricked Astin into murdering Vialco, his nemesis, but Jaalib helped Astin escape Trulalis. As punishment, Adalric gave Jaalib to the Emperor instead. Ironically, Jaalib was made the new apprentice of Antinnis Tremayne.

It was also home to a widely regarded university that drew students from surrounding sectors.

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Behind the scenesEdit

In an unpublished short story, Patricia A. Jackson had Trulalis become the capital of the Protectorate, an Imperial Remnant ruled by Adalric and Jaalib. The Brandls restored Trulalis to its former grandeur, especially its theater, and made peace with the New Republic. Fable was appointed New Republic ambassador to the Protectorate and married Jaalib.



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