"Another ship has arrived, just out of battle. They lost life support—we're taking the survivors aboard."
Von Geiz, to Brand[src]

The light freighter later known as the Trumpet's Call used by the Rebel Alliance in the Mid Rim. It changed its name frequently, formally being known as the Eyesore and the Careful Buyer. During the Mid Rim Retreat, it was attacked and seized by the Galactic Empire, who planted spies onto it and sent it to a rebel flotilla in the Elochar sector without life support. After arriving, the CR90 corvette Thunderstrike locked onto the Trumpet's Call and blindly took aboard the Imperial spies, who stormed the corvettes bridge and killed the Rebel Officers. When trying to retake the bridge, Brand detached the Trumpet's Call from the corvette and ejected herself from it to reach the bow of the Thunderstrike.


The Trumpet's Call was a light freighter used by the Rebel Alliance for passenger and cargo purposes. Formally known as the Eyesore and Careful Buyer, it changed it's name and records frequently to evade the Empire's suspicions and operated officially as a trading vessel among the purse-worlds. It was equipped with engines and could make a jump to hyperspace. It also had life support and safety systems as well as communications which could be used to make contact with other starships.[1]


Seized by spiesEdit

The light freighter later known as the Trumpet's Call serving under the Rebel Alliance in its fleet. It was assigned to passenger transport and cargo duty and operated officially among the purse-worlds as a trading vessel. Whenever the Galactic Empire became suspicious about the freighter, it changed its identity records as well as taking a new name such as the Eyesore, Careful Buyer and eventually the Trumpet's Call.[1]

However, although the crew had done a good job forging records, the Empire was becoming increasingly better at identifying fraud and eventually attacked the Trumpet's Call in 3 ABY. During the attack, the light freighter was severely damaged and a few of the crew burned to death, the rest suffocating when the life support systems failed. Afterwards it was boarded by an infiltration team of Imperial spies assigned by the special forces commander aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Herald and taken over by the Empire. Disguised as rebels, the boarding team navigated to a rendezvous point of the Alliance in the Elochar sector, where a flotilla of rebel ships had formed. One of them, the CR90 corvette Thunderstrike, clamped itself to the Trumpet's Call and its crew took aboard the spies, numbering at almost twenty, believing they were surviving crew from the battle.[1]

After they had brought all the survivors to the Thunderstrike's, Brand boarded the Trumpet's Call and checked for any homing beacons which could have been planted. She then looked through main computer for anything suspicious and found the light freighter's history as well as the captain's entry and his record. When she finished the crew list, Brand realized that none of the survivors matched any of the crew on the freighter's personnel records. As she discovered this, the disguised Imperial spies were already attempting to takeover the Thunderstrike.[1]

Final flightEdit

"It was the wounded crew, they were Imperials. They must have slaughtered everyone the Trumpet's Call before coming to the flotilla."
―Brand informs Charmer of the presence of Imperial spies[src]

Brand boarded the corvette to find that the bridge crew had locked it down to isolate the spies. She therefore returned to the Trumpet's Call transferred all power from the life support to the engines in order to separate it from the Thunderstrike. As Brand teared the light freighter from the corvette's docking clamps, its airlock became damaged in the process, allowing the remaining air inside the Trumpet's Call to rush out into the void of space. She then flew the freighter towards the bridge of the Thunderstrike. As she did this, the Imperial spies were able to storm the bridge of the corvette. The highest ranking officer, Lieutenant Sairgon, barely managed to warn the rest of the flotilla of what was happening before he was killed alongside most of the other bridge crew. Brand received the message herself at the Trumpet's Call.[1]

One by one, the rebel ships of the flotilla fled the Elochar Sector, leaving the Trumpet's Call, the Thunderstrike and the Thunderstrike's escort, the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise. The Imperial spies had already contacted the Star Destroyer Herald, which appeared shortly afterwards. But Brand, still managed to reach the bridge of the Thunderstrike aboard the Trumpet's Call and leapt out through the damaged airlock. After making it onto the Thunderstrike through a maintenance hatch, she killed the spies on the bridge and had the surviving bridge crew make the corvette jump into hyperspace alongside the Apailana's Promise before the Herald could destroy them. Sometime after the skirmish, Hazram Namir and Everi Chalis, who wished to reunite with the Thunderstrike, arrived at the Elochar Sector and found the Trumpet's Call hollowed out along with debris around it. The pair subsequently left the sector to find the Thunderstrike on the planet Ankhural.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Trumpet's Call first appeared in the 2015 canon novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.[1]


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