Trunska was a planet located within the Trunska system of the Colonies.


Trunska was a cool and rocky planet with a thin atmosphere and many rivers. The Trunsks evolved there and spread out along Trunska's large network of waterways. The Trunsks eventually developed agriculture and formed cities, which grew into city states and eventually competing empires. Tyl the Deplorable finally conquered the entire world during its Information Age. His reforms led the Trunsks to new heights of technological advancement, and the species soon spread beyond their homeworld and joined the Galactic Republic.

During the reign of Palpatine, Trunska came under the domain of the Empire. The Trunsks were designated a slave species. The planetary emperor, Belgoa, publicly decried the enslavement but secretly cooperated with the Imperials as long as he had final approval over who could stay or go. The Trunskan emperors were served by a large Trunskan police force.

Trunska enjoyed brisk trade with other worlds. However, in the Imperial era, the sale of weapons was strictly forbidden there.


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