"According to texts, it was located deep within the mountains of Truuine's polar region, with a commanding view of glaciers shedding icebergs into the ocean."
―Amara's Shadowfeed, on the Truuine Jedi Praxeum[src]

Truuine was an Inner Rim waterworld planet. It featured an equatorial belt of islands as well as a polar region with mountains and glaciers. By 4000 BBY, the planet was the site of the Truuine Jedi Praxeum, a training facility established by Jedi Master Mroon Jassa. Around that time, the Gotal Kith Kark visited Truuine and encountered Jassa, which eventually led to the former taking up Jedi studies at the Praxeum. During the reign of the Galactic Empire millennia later, Truuine's islands were home to Karkarodon and Patrolian settlers.

Description[edit | edit source]

Truuine was the only planet located within the Truuine system. Orbiting at least one sun, the planet[3] constituted a part of the regions known as the Inner Rim[1] and the Slice. Between 5000 BBY and 3996 BBY, Truuine lay on a hyperlane that linked it to the Antar and Manaan systems.[2]

Truuine's surface was covered by an ocean that was punctured on the equator by a belt of islands.[4] In addition, the planet's northern[3] polar region featured mountains and glaciers, the latter of which continuously created icebergs in the ocean. Wildlife on Truuine included fish.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

By 5000 BBY, Truuine was situated well within the area widely explored by the Galactic Republic.[2] Several decades before[3] 3998 BBY,[5] the Jedi Master Mroon Jassa established a[3] Jedi Praxeum on the planet.[4]

The quest of Kith Kark[edit | edit source]

"An ancient Jedi parable over four thousand year old tells of a Gotal named Kith Kark and his quest to become a Jedi Knight. While the Jedi likely created the tale to teach initiates Jedi values, Master Jassa's Praxeum may have been real."
―Amara's Shadowfeed[src]

Kith Kark began his Jedi training on Truuine.

A group of Jedi apprentices traveled to the planet[3] by 4001 BBY[5] in order to begin their training under Jassa. Shortly after their arrival, the trainees met the Gotal male Kith Kark, who had come to visit Truuine on a sightseeing trip. The group of apprentices, joined by Kark, then traveled to Jassa's training compound. The Jedi Master welcomed the students but not Kark, whom he refused to train as a Jedi.[3]

The offended Kark left Truuine, but he returned a year later after extensively studying Jedi-related texts and documents. However, Jassa once again rejected the Gotal. Leaving Truuine for the second time, Kark spent the following year trying to understand what he had missed in his studies that had led Jassa to reject him. Eventually, the Gotal realized that his mistake had been[3] viewing the studying and use of the Force as a vocation instead of a duty.[6]

Once again returning to Truuine, Kark used his revelation to finally convince Jassa that he was ready to begin training as a Jedi. The Gotal trainee studied on Truuine for a year until Jassa was called away on an assignment elsewhere, leading Kark and the other apprentices of the Praxeum to leave to finish their training on[3] the Outer Rim Territories[7] planet Ossus.[3]

Lost history[edit | edit source]

At some point after the establishment of the Galactic Empire[4] in 19 BBY,[8] the information broker Amara mentioned Truuine on a private shadowfeed. While the feed dismissed Kark's experiences on Truuine as a parable invented by the Jedi, it acknowledged that the historical existence of Jassa's Jedi Praxeum might have been factual.[4]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

By the time the Galactic Empire reigned, Truuine's equatorial band of islands had been settled by colonists of the sentient Karkarodon and Patrolian species. Disputes between the two settler groups over fishing and trading rights eventually degenerated into a violent conflict, which led several spacers to avoid visiting Truuine.[4]

Locations[edit | edit source]

"Welcome to my humble compound, apprentice."
―Mroon Jassa, to Kith Kark[src]

Truuine's northern[3] polar region was the site of the Truuine Jedi Praxeum,[4] a small training compound established by Jedi Master Mroon Jassa.[3] The Praxeum was located deep within the mountains of the area, at a site that featured an impressive view of glaciers giving rise to icebergs.[4]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Truuine was first mentioned in the 1996 roleplaying game sourcebook Tales of the Jedi Companion, written by George R. Strayton and published by West End Games for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[3] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Truuine system, and therefore the planet Truuine, within grid square O-11.[2]

Sources[edit | edit source]

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Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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