"Piling up bodies won't help anything."
"For you? No. For me? It makes nothing worse.
―The smuggler attempts to convince Tryken not to fight[src]

The male Zabrak Tryken served as a bodyguard for the gangster "Happy" Dapp on the planet Burnin Konn during the Iron Blockade of the Anoat sector by the Galactic Empire.


"Be respectful. You got lucky, but Tryken was a pro in his day."
―Dapp scolds the smuggler for teasing Tryken[src]

Tryken was a male Zabrak who worked as a bodyguard in the Anoat sector, serving a large number of different politicians and criminals during his career. By the time of the Galactic Empire's Iron Blockade of the Anoat sector, he worked for the gangster known as "Happy" Dapp on the mining world Burnin Konn. While in Dapp's employ, he witnessed a younger smuggler Dapp had hired to transport a shipment of synthetic kyber crystals flee into a set of mine shafts from an Imperial contraband sweep in Longstar Marketplace and followed the smuggler to recover the crystals. Upon catching up with the smuggler, Tryken learned that the crystals had been destroyed and attacked the smuggler despite his opponents attempts to persuade him violence was necessary. The Zabrak was stunned in the ensuing fight, but Dapp himself arrived to confront the smuggler over the crystals.[1]

The smuggler managed to convince Dapp to allow for a chance for the debt to be paid off and Tryken, Dapp, the smuggler and Riley—the smuggler's sister—met later at the Carbon Score Cantina to discuss further work. Dapp asked Tryken to provide training to the smuggler, which he did grudgingly, and then asked that the smuggler go and salvage the cargos of three Trade Spine League ships which had been shot down by the blockade. The smuggler successfully reached the three ships: the Mother of Pearl in the territory of the Brother Claw Gang, the Cruel Mistress in the South Sector Sinners territory and the Space Manta on the Red Dwarf Raiders' land. As the smuggler collected the cargo of the Space Manta, the final vessel, Tryken contacted him and ordered him to immediately return to the cantina for an urgent mission from Dapp.[1]

The urgent mission turned out to be another mission to recover cargo from a down ship, the Pretty Profit; however, this time the smuggler would be distracting the Imperial forces that had cordoned off the ship while droids belonging to Dapp recovered the cargo. The smuggler preformed so well on the job that Dapp allowed Tryken to join the smuggler and Riley's crew.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"You seem… less fickle than Happy. And you do have talent."
―Tryken joins the smugglers crew[src]

Tryken was a male Zabrak with orange and black skin. was considered a pro in combat at the height of his career, but by the time he fought the young smuggler his skills had reduced somewhat. Despite this, Dapp still demanded that Tryken be respected by the smuggler for his past exploits. The bodyguard was willing to work with the smuggler even after being stunned, but did not expect much. He was impressed by the smuggler's progress however, and eventually joined the smuggler and Riley's crew as they seemed less fickle than Dapp. Tryken rarely remained in one place for long, and was somewhat of a collector.[1]

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Tryken first appeared in the video game Star Wars: Uprising which was released on mobile platforms in 2015. Tryken serves as the games first boss, but after being defeated becomes a friendly character who at first can teach players new skills and then join their crew.



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