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"We were kidnapped from a nearby town. We are a simple people. We trust easily, and we were betrayed."

Tryla was a female Ming Po who lived on Carlac during the Clone Wars. She was the granddaughter of her people's chieftain, Pieter.



Tryla is stabbed by Pre Vizsla

During the Clone Wars, Tryla was captured by Death Watch members with many other women in her village and was forced to become servants for the Mandalorians. Having been evicted from their base on Concordia, the Death Watch relocated to Carlac, where they subjugated the Ming Po natives. While at the Death Watch camp on Carlac, Tryla befriended Ahsoka Tano. Pieter, Tryla's grandfather, attempted to reason with Vizsla for the release of his people. Vizsla appeared to agree to the request; however, this was later met with violence on the part of the Death Watch leader when he returned Tryla to her grandfather, as he pulled out his Darksaber and tried to stab Pieter. Fortunately for Pieter, and sadly for Tryla, she jumped in between the two to save her grandfather's life and was brutally killed by the Darksaber. Before she died, she asked Ahsoka to save her people.[3]

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Tryla first appeared in the Clone Wars episode, "A Friend in Need," voiced by Catherine Taber, who had previously voiced Padmé Amidala and Numa in the same series.[3] The Databank entry for Tryla on StarWars.com lists her height as 1.67 meters,[2] but the 2021 reference book Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Character Encyclopedia - Join the Battle! by Jason Fry lists her height as 1.7 meters. This article assumes the latter is accurate as the more recent source.[5]



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