"These tsik vai were not shaped by idiot children, as you seem to think."
Vua Rapuung[src]

The tsik vai was an organic atmospheric vehicle used by the Yuuzhan Vong as a search craft. The tsik vai resembled a manta ray with a neck sac for signaling to other craft in the area. This neck-sac inflated and turned bright red as a signal to other tsik vai. The vessel was piloted by a gravity-sensitive dovin basal and had a transparent cockpit for one pilot only. It had flexible wings and gill analogs that made it whine in flight. These "gills" functioned as intake valves. The tsik vai also had several long tentacles for grabbing prisoners.

They released netting beetles and were flown on lav peq patterns.


A tsik vai flier was used to search for Anakin Solo on Yavin 4.



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