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"Tuck, I got you another medkit— maybe there's something in there that'll stop you flirting with my wife."
―Kes Dameron brings Tuck Tyrell a medkit[src]

Tuck Tyrell[2] was a male human who served as a member of the Pathfinders Special forces unit in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire. Serving under Kes Dameron, Tyrell participated in the Battle of Endor as part of the Rebel forces deployed to the moon of Endor in order to destroy the shield generator bunker providing protection for the DS-2 Death Star in orbit. The bunker and Death Star were both successfully destroyed, and following the end of the battle the Pathfinders spent the night celebrating their victory. Tyrell, who had been wounded in the battle, was approached by Dameron's wife Shara Bey during the celebrations and flirted with her as she asked where Dameron was. Before Tyrell could reply, Dameron interrupted, giving Tyrell a medkit and scolding him for flirting. The next morning the Pathfinders joined General Han Solo in capturing an Imperial holdout on the other side of Endor.[1]

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Tuck Tyrell first appeared in the comic book Shattered Empire 1 which was written by Greg Rucka and released in 2015 with illustrations by Marco Checchetto.



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