"Ee escaped the remote Gree Enclave and was last seen on Tujiamoor shortly before the Talecalle volcanic eruptions."
―Lecture by Doctor Corellia Antilles[src]

Tujiamoor was an Inner Rim astronomical object. It was the site of the Talecalle volcano chain. Around 11 ABY, Doctor Ils Ee visited Tujiamoor after stealing the Gree artifact known as the Sharka'k Noor. Shortly after that, the Talecalle volcanoes, which had remained dormant for 3,000 years, suddenly erupted, killing 400,000 colonists. Later, the xenoarchaeologist Corellia Antilles speculated that it was the artifact that had activated the volcanoes on Tujiamoor.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Assuming that Ee will try to master the Noor, interested parties should keep a close watch on seismic reports from planets near Tujiamoor."
―Lecture by Doctor Corellia Antilles[src]

Tujiamoor was a terrestrial astronomical object[2] located in the Inner Rim's Tujiamoor system.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

"It seems reasonable to suspect that the Noor somehow activated the volcanoes."
―Lecture by Doctor Corellia Antilles[src]

The Sharka'k Noor artifact was speculated by Corellia Antilles to have activated volcanoes on Tujiamoor.

Around 11 ABY,[3] Doctor Ils Ee stole the Sharka'k Noor, a Gree artifact that allowed its user to manipulate the geologic activity of a planetary object. Ee then escaped from the[2] Outer Rim Territories'[4] Gree Enclave. Shortly thereafter, Tujiamoor's Talecalle volcano chain suddenly became active, claiming the lives of 400,000 colonists. The eruptions caused significant confusion on Tujiamoor, and the resultant lava flow and volcanic ash disrupted local space traffic control sensors.[2]

In the following month, the xenoarchaeologist Doctor Corellia Antilles gave a lecture at the Galactic Museum on[2] the Core Worlds planet[5] Coruscant. When discussing Ee's acquisition of the Noor, Antilles expressed her suspicion that the volcanoes on Tujiamoor had been activated by the artifact. The xenoarchaeologist further speculated that Ee could have survived the volcanic eruption and departed the astronomical object, which was the doctor's last known location, for nearby planets.[2]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

"Space traffic control sensors were disrupted by lava flow and volcanic ash, and Ee could have easily lifted off without being noticed."
―Lecture by Doctor Corellia Antilles[src]

Tujiamoor was settled at some point and was home to at least 400,000 colonists by 11 ABY. Space traffic control sensors monitored starships that departed the celestial body.[2]

Locations[edit | edit source]

"The Talecalle volcano chain had been dormant for 3,000 years until it suddenly became active last month, killing 400,000 colonists."
―Lecture by Doctor Corellia Antilles[src]

Tujiamoor was the site of the Talecalle volcano chain, a series of volcanoes that had laid dormant for 3,000 years by 11 ABY.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Tujiamoor was created for the article "From the Files of Corellia Antilles," written by Timothy O'Brien and published in the August 1997 Star Wars Adventure Journal 14.[2] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Tujiamoor system, and therefore Tujiamoor itself, in grid square K-14.[5]

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