"They offer a token of their esteem."
Mayth Duvel presents the Nezriti Organization's Tumanian pressure-ruby to Prince Xizor[1]

A Tumanian pressure-ruby was an extremely rare gemstone, often bloodred in color,[3] from the Tumani system[2] in the Hapes Cluster.[4] Even a small example of a Tumanian pressure-ruby could easily be worth several million credits.[3]

In 3.5 ABY,[5] shortly after the Battle of Hoth,[1] the criminal group known as the Nezriti Organization[6] petitioned for an alliance with the powerful Black Sun crime syndicate, led by the Falleen Prince Xizor. Hoping to gain Xizor's favor, the Nezriti sent the Black Sun leader a small package containing an oval-cut, and apparently flawless, bloodred Tumanian pressure-ruby. Inspecting the gem momentarily, Xizor casually tossed the gift onto his desk, not caring if it were to later fall in with the garbage, before declaring that he would consider the Nezriti Organization's proposal.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Tumanian pressure-ruby appeared in the 1996 novel Shadows of the Empire, written by Steve Perry.[1]



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