The Tundei regime became the leaders of Abregado-rae shortly after the fall of the Galactic Empire at the Battle of Endor, promising to make Abregado-rae a lawful planet by driving away all criminals. The Tundei were made up of offworlders who called Abregado-rae home and was founded by a Herglic known as Shelov. The Tundei Tribunal was the governing body of the Tundei regime. Their attempts to eliminate crime eventually backfired on them. Due to their strongarm tactics and limiting of freedoms, smugglers who once flocked to the planet as a haven changed their tactics to supplying the opponents of the Tundei regime with weapons and basic supplies, including food. When the regime reacted with greater force, the smugglers altogether left, since the profit was not worth the large risk. Eventually, strict Tundei regulations drained the planet's economy of billions of credits, both legitimate and illegal, and the planet nearly went bankrupt.

The Tundei also allowed the near extinction of the native Moochers, fearing that the Veizen fever, which drove Moochers insane could spread to the Gados population.

When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, the Tundei found themselves overwhelmed by refugees demanding a place to hide. The Tundei were presumably destroyed when the Yuuzhan Vong conquered Abregado-rae.


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