"The bravery of my operatives cannot be measured, Skywalker. They are the very lifeblood of our rebellion."
―Tungo to Luke Skywalker.[src]

Tungo Li was the head of the Rebel Alliance spy network in 0 ABY. He was a small male with large pointed ears, a tail, and brown fur on his arms and back.


Li controlled a network of spies spread throughout the galaxy working undercover within other information networks. In communication with them, he wore a large silver helmet which interfaced with computer networks. One of his spies, Wyl Tarson, intercepted the message from Janek Sunber to Luke Skywalker which initiated an elaborate trap which Darth Vader had set for the Alliance Fleet.

He was killed when he self-destructed the Rebel One as part of the Attack on Bannistar Station.

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