The Tunroth Hunters were an elite organization within the Tunroth culture. Only the most capable hunters ever became Hunters, a process that involved a three month initiation rite, and acceptance by three other Hunters. This was decided based on the skill, judgment and motivation of the candidate. Undesirable qualities, such as being particularly argumentative and greedy, could bar admission regardless of the candidate’s skills.

There were twenty-seven Hunter levels, with progression determined by strict guidelines. The twelfth level was known as shturlan and the nineteenth as chirlan. Stiilran was the twenty-seventh and highest level, a class virtually never achieved—no Tunroth gained it during the reigns of either the Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, or the New Republic. Virtually all Tunroth aspired to gain a high level as a Hunter, with the greatest Hunters memorialized in the ancient Hall of Predation. This was considered a sacred edifice to the Tunroth, the only such monument they acknowledged.

Some notable Tunroth Hunters were Kiran Tatch (shturlan) and Tonas Vueral (chirlan). Shotarr Kass, a Black Sun operative, also aspired to be a Hunter.