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Tup was a thief and friend of Cholly and Weez.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Tup was a humanoid male who lived on the planet Simpla-12 and—along with his associates Cholly and Weez—was a friend of Ren S'orn. Around 44 BBY, S'orn—who was Force-sensitive—told the trio that he had been contacted by scientist Jenna Zan Arbor, who had asked him to participate in an experiment involving the Force. Cholly, Weez, and Tup all told him that it was a great idea, but they were wrong; Zan Arbor had S'orn killed shortly thereafter.[1]

Soon afterward, the three friends approached Ren's mother, Senator Uta S'orn, and asked for his personal belongings, claiming it was because they had been best friends. However, before he had been killed, Ren had told them that the laboratory that he had been in for the experiment had contained large stockpiles of various medicines. The real reason they wanted Ren's possessions was so that they could steal the medicines, since they knew that Ren had put the location of the lab somewhere in his belongings. The senator refused the request, though, saying that they were all that was left of her son.[1]

Meeting the Jedi[edit | edit source]

In 43 BBY, the threesome was kicked out of the 12 Tavern on Simpla-12 after Tup called someone's mother a Kowakian monkey-lizard. Outside, they found Astri Oddo and Jedi Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi waiting for them. The two were attempting to locate Kenobi's Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, who had been kidnapped by bounty hunter Ona Nobis, and believed that information regarding Ren S'orn's last days could be key to finding Jinn, as well as the medicine needed to treat Astri's father, Didi Oddo, who had been shot by Nobis. The trio informed them of the experiment and suggested to them that perhaps Tino—Ren's former roommate—might know more.[1]

Later, Cholly, Weez, and Tup traveled to Coruscant, figuring that Oddo and Kenobi would request Ren's belongings from his mother in an attempt to find the lab. The three associates trailed them to Didi's Café, a restaurant owned by Astri's father, Didi Oddo. As Weez and Tup stood nearby, Cholly looked through the kitchen window but was caught by surprise when Kenobi—believing Cholly to be Ona Nobis—leaped out a second-floor window to attack him. Kenobi realized his error in mid-air, though, and aborted his attack.[1]

Astri came out the kitchen window ready to attack, but immediately recognized the trio and demanded to know why they were on Coruscant. After a brief argument, the three informed them about Ren's property—which Astri and Kenobi had indeed obtained from his mother—and told them that the location of the laboratory was in Ren's belongings. Cholly offered to help search his things for the lab's address, saying that they might be able to notice a clue that Astri and Kenobi might miss since they knew Ren better. The Jedi and his companion accepted the offer, and they went inside.[1]

Once in the building, Kenobi showed the trio Ren's property. After looking through them, they recognized that although the deck of sabacc cards included in the belongings was marked, the marks didn't make sense for cheating at sabacc. Recognizing that the marks were a code, Cholly arranged the marked cards in order and, on a durasheet, wrote out what they stood for: "L1Q2BU3SP12". After a short discussion, Kenobi recognized that the "SP12" at the end was the astrogation shorthand for Simpla-12 and decoded the rest as an address on that planet. The Jedi decided that he needed to return to Simpla-12, and Cholly, Weez, and Tup—along with Astri—followed him.[1]

Rescuing Qui-Gon Jinn[edit | edit source]

Back on Simpla-12, Kenobi sent the trio to obtain a disguise for Astri. After doing so, they met Kenobi and Astri near the address that the Jedi had decoded from the sabacc cards, which Kenobi felt was indeed Zan Arbor's lab. The Padawan's plan was to infiltrate the lab by pretending to be the prisoner of Astri, who would be disguised as Nobis. The potential flaw in the plan, however, was if the real Ona Nobis showed up. To that end, Kenobi asked Cholly, Weez, and Tup to watch for the bounty hunter and to try to keep her out of the building if she did show up. The trio was also given contact information for the Jedi Temple and was asked to contact the Temple and have additional Jedi sent to Simpla-12 if neither one was out of the building in ten minutes; they agreed to do so.[1]

Shortly after Astri and Kenobi entered the lab, the real Nobis did indeed show up.[1] The trio failed to keep her out, but followed her when she exited the building. They trailed her to her ship and watched her leave the planet. Also, they contacted the Temple for reinforcements as requested when Kenobi and Astri were slow to come out. Soon afterward, the threesome got a job selling assassin droids to Zan Arbor. The Jedi reinforcement team—consisting of Jedi Master Adi Gallia and her Padawan, Siri Tachi—learned of this and—together with Kenobi, who had been unable to release his Master—approached them, proposing that the Jedi be allowed to hide in the droid shipment in order to infiltrate Zan Arbor's lab.[2]

Initially, they didn't want to do it, feeling that it would be too dangerous for them, but Kenobi talked the trio into letting the three Jedi conceal themselves in the shipment. The threesome had only a gravsled for transport, but had fitted it with a secret smuggling compartment which Gallia and the two Padawans were able to squeeze into, albeit with some difficulty. The location of the compartment, however, meant that the droids would have to be unloaded before the Jedi could get out, so Gallia asked them to try to prevent Zan Arbor from activating the droids so that they would not have to fight them. Cholly agreed to do so, and after the droids were loaded, they headed to the lab.[2]

Inside, Cholly attempted to program the droids himself so that he could sabotage them, but Zan Arbor insisted on doing it herself before the droids were unloaded. After she did so, Cholly, Weez, and Tup began unloading the droids, arguing as they did so. Tup accidentally hid the lever that opened the secret compartment, and the Jedi were dumped onto the floor in the middle of the droids. Zan Arbor ordered the droids to attack, and—as the three Jedi began fighting the droids—Cholly, Weez, and Tup went into hiding. After the Jedi had defeated the droids and rescued Jinn, Gallia thanked the threesome, and they left the lab. Zan Arbor, however, had escaped.[2]

Tracking Ona Nobis[edit | edit source]

The trio then headed to Sorrus and met up with Astri, who was now searching for Nobis in an attempt to capture her. The group approached spacer Donny Buc and requested transport to the planet's Arra Desert, where Astri knew the bounty hunter had a secret hideout in a cave. Buc, however was unable to do so as he was waiting on some repairs. At Buc's suggestion, the group took an air taxi to the desert. Sometime after they arrived, all four were captured by Nobis, who took them to her hideout. Cholly, Weez, Tup, and Astri were all tied up by Nobis, and gags were placed in their mouths. Before leaving, the bounty hunter set a trap at the entrance to the cave—if anyone entered the cave, they would trip a lever that would cause the cave entrance to collapse after a delay, sealing the cave.[2]

Soon after, Kenobi and Tachi—who were searching for Astri after realizing that she had likely been captured by Nobis—reached the hideout. Seeing the two Jedi crawling into the cave, Cholly and Astri tried to warn them not to come in to the cave because of the trap, but were unable to do so effectively due to being gagged. Kenobi misinterpreted the warning as a plea for immediate help and moved toward them faster. Reaching Astri, he removed the gag and she immediately said, "Trap!", but it was too late as the cave entrance collapsed, sealing everyone inside despite Kenobi's effort to stop the rockslide. Meanwhile, Cholly, Weez, and Tup were untied by Tachi.[2]

An attempt by the Jedi to cut through the rocks with their lightsabers failed, and the group considered other options. Tachi came up with the idea of cutting down a couple of the metal support poles that braced the walls of the cave and trying to push them through the jumble of rocks to signal the outside. Cholly pointed out that there was nothing outside except desert, but Astri knew that a tribe of locals scavenged nearby. After a brief discussion, everyone agreed to try it. The first rod hit a large rock and snapped when Tachi tried to force it through, but the two Jedi were able to get the second pole through with the help of the Force.[2]

Several hours later, the local tribe spotted the end of the pole and dug the group out. Kenobi and Astri quickly learned from the tribe leader that Nobis was headed to the planet of Belasco. After the two Padawans discussed the situation with their Masters, they decided to head to Belasco themselves, and the rest of the group—Astri, Cholly, Weez, and Tup—followed them.[2]

On Belasco, the Jedi discovered that the planet was in the midst of a crisis—bacteria had invaded the world's drinking water, causing many residents to fall ill or die. Suspecting that the now-retired Senator S'orn may be in danger from Nobis—or even be involved in the planet's problems—Jinn asked Cholly, Weez, and Tup—along with Astri—to watch S'orn. Jinn figured that Nobis would stay away from the retired politician if she knew that others were watching. Knowing that S'orn was staying in the royal palace and that those that had fallen sick were on the grounds as well, Tup entertained the sick children as cover.[2]

After the Jedi captured Zan Arbor and S'orn—who had in fact assisted Zan Arbor in sabotaging Belasco's water—and killed Nobis, Cholly, Weez, and Tup were present at the reopening of Didi's Café.[2]

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