The Turbolaser System I was a type of heavy turbolaser emplacement that was manufactured by Loronar Corporation.

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The Turbolaser System I was a single heavy turbolaser with independent ranging and targeting controls. Generally installed on the ground, System Is were encased in a permacite housing and powered by a boron fission reactor. The reactor was usually linked to a number of System Is, connected to each other either by a series of tunnels, or a network of living quarters. These linked emplacements were commonly referred to as "hives."[1]

The System I suffered from poor coolant restrictor circuits, which resulted in overheating problems. Although meant to fire twenty shots in rapid succession, the restrictors would typically shut the weapon down after five or six. Gunners had to keep an eye on the weapon's thermal monitor to ensure that the weapon did not overheat; most inexperienced gunners often forgot this with predictable results. Depending on environmental conditions, an overheated weapon could be out of action for an indefinite period of time.[1]

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