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"What's the matter, Katarn? You've never heard of the turbolift? It's a lot easier than taking the stairs. It's faster too."
―A bounty hunter to Kyle Katarn[src]

A lift tube on the Arkanian Legacy

A turbolift, vacuum-lift, vacuum elevator, lift tube, or simply lift was an "elevator" powered by a repulsorlift and was used mostly to transport people or cargo through large ships, buildings such as those on upper Coruscant, or even space stations such as the Wheel and the Death Stars.

They were capable of reaching great speeds without personal injury. The devices were sometimes referred to as turbovators rather than turbolifts; usage varied from world to world. Centerpoint Station referred to its elevator system that ran through Hollowtown and through the various metal shells as turbovators.

Though they provided a similar function, the drop shaft was distinctive from the turbolift.[1]

Some lifts would play lift-tube music.

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The obvious real-world equivalent would be an "elevator" (or "lift," in British English), with the difference that an elevator is moved by cables and machinery, while a turbolift is moved by a repulsorlift. "Turbolift" has often been shortened in various Star Wars media to "lift."


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