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"Trust me. We're getting that spice!"
―Turk Falso — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Turk Falso[4] was a male Weequay member of the Ohnaka pirate gang. Falso was present when Hondo Ohnaka captured Count Dooku—leader of the Separatist Alliance—on Florrum during the Clone Wars.[3] When a ransom of one million credits in spice was to be paid for Dooku's capture by the Galactic Republic,[3] Falso sought to take the spice for himself, killing the diplomat Senator Kharrus in the process. His plan to betray Ohnaka failed, however, so Falso and another Weequay attempted to make an escape from Florrum. Before they could depart, Dooku escaped his prison and used the Force to make Falso kill his pirate ally before choking him to death.[2]

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