"Kral, in the force we lost…did you have any family?"
"Yes sir. My son Turl. An ensign. A weapons officer aboard the frigate Cheesmeer."
―Jacen Solo and Kral Nevil[2]

Turl Nevil[3] was a male ensign serving in the Second Fleet of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet during the Second Galactic Civil War. The son of decorated Galactic Alliance Captain Kral Nevil, he served as a weapons officer aboard the frigate Cheesmeer.[2]

In 40 ABY,[1] Turl was killed as the Corellian Five World Prime Minister Sadras Koyan ordered the firing of the hyperspace tractor beam onboard Centerpoint Station, an ancient space station in the Corellian system, during a skirmish at a deep-space rendezvous point. The ensuing blast destroyed the majority of the Second Fleet, including the Cheesmeer and all Corellian forces present at the rendezvous point.[2]

In the aftermath, Jacen Solo, one of two Chiefs of State of the Galactic Alliance, asked Kral if he had lost any family in the destruction. Kral responded by informing him of Turl's death.[2] Later in the war, Kral would ask Cha Niathal, the other Chief of State, to ensure his son did not die in vain.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Turl Nevil was first mentioned in the novel Legacy of the Force: Fury, written by Aaron Allston and published in 2007 as the seventh volume in the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series.[2] His last name was revealed in the reference book The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, released in 2008.[3]



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