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"Another day, another chance to kill Rebels."
―Turr Phennir[src]

Turr Phennir was a Human male hailing from the planet Valahari who served for years as an ace starfighter pilot in the Galactic Empire's 181st Imperial Fighter Group. Recruited into the group by Major Soontir Fel around 1 ABY, Captain Phennir spent the next several years battling forces of the Rebel Alliance, the Empire's opponent in the ongoing Galactic Civil War. By 4 ABY, he was a major and the fighter group's executive officer. Phennir and the 181st flew in the Battle of Endor that year, which saw Galactic Emperor Palpatine die aboard the Empire's second Death Star battlestation. The defeat caused the Empire to fracture, but the 181st remained loyal to the throne and were called on to defend the planet Brentaal IV from the New Republic, the Alliance's successor state. Phennir had no faith in the Empire's new leadership and urged Fel to seize the planet as his own warlord holding, but the 181st instead flew into a battle that scheming Imperial Intelligence Director Ysanne Isard had already decided they would lose. When the New Republic conquered Brentaal IV and captured Fel, command of the 181st was given to Phennir.

When the crumbling Empire ceased to exist in 11 ABY, the Imperial Remnant was formed from the holdings of various warlords, and new Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon recruited Phennir and the 181st to aid him in the Orinda campaign of 12 ABY. The fighter group and the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Reaper battled New Republic forces in a series of clashes throughout the Mid Rim, ultimately repelling them in the Orinda system and securing the Remnant's borders. One year later, General Phennir and three other pilots of the 181st went on a diplomatic mission to the neutral planet Adumar, whose government also invited representatives from the New Republic. Phennir and his men won the hearts of the locals by frequently engaging them in customary aerial duels to the death, and they pledged themselves to the nation state of Cartann when its leader declared war on the rest of the planet. However, Phennir fled Adumar in his TIE interceptor when the New Republic pilots—flying for the opposing Adumari Union—shot down all three of his fellows. Cartann lost the war, and Adumar joined the New Republic.

After Adumar, Phennir remained out of action for years, resurfacing in 40 ABY to join a Confederation of planets that had seceded from the Galactic Alliance, the successor to the New Republic. As the Supreme Commander of the Confederation military, he led their war effort against the Alliance. His first action was to lure enemy forces into a trap at the planet Gilatter VIII, where mines awaited their ships. Phennir later quarreled with Sadras Koyan, Prime Minister of the Corellian system's Five Worlds government. Although the Five Worlds were members of the Confederation, Koyan independently used their Centerpoint superweapon against the Alliance, and Phennir responded by cutting the Corellians off from Confederate aid until Koyan was removed from power by his Minister of Information, Denjax Teppler. As the war drew to a close in 41 ABY, the Confederation surrendered when the Alliance joined forces with the Imperial Remnant and the Jedi Coalition. Phennir remained the leader of the independent government and represented them at a Unification Summit held on Coruscant in 43 ABY.


Rising in the ranksEdit

Fame and gloryEdit

"Glad to have you with us, Captain Phennir."
―Soontir Fel welcomes Turr Phennir into the 181st Imperial Fighter Group[src]

Turr Phennir is accepted into the 181st.

Turr Phennir was a Human male who lived during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[2] He was born in the Provinces of the planet Valahari and raised by his stepfather, the renowned hunting pilot Count Phennir.[1] While the Galactic Civil War raged between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, both Phennir[2] and his stepbrother "Chaser" Cartha served the Imperial Navy as starfighter pilots, but Cartha was killed in action during the Battle of Yavin[8] in 0 BBY[9] by Rebel pilot Wedge Antilles. Phennir continued to serve,[8] and by approximately 1 ABY,[9][10] he had achieved the rank of captain and received a scar on the left side of his face. At that time, he was recruited into the 181st Imperial Fighter Group by Major Soontir Fel on the Imperial capital world of Coruscant.[10] Phennir had turned down an offer to join the Imperial Black Squadron in order to get into the 181st.[1] Fel had recently transformed the 181st from a fighter wing into an elite three–squadron fighter group, and he saw in Phennir a genuine desire to further the glory of the Empire. Although the 181st was officially led by Colonel Evir Derricote, Fel took charge of the group's training and spent the next two years preparing his pilots for a variety of missions. Flying TIE fighters, Phennir and his fellows engaged and destroyed Rebel forces on numerous occasions.[10]

At some point between 0 BBY and 3 ABY,[9][11] Phennir encountered a lone Rebel pilot somewhere in space. A dogfight ensued, and although Phennir was bested, he escaped in his damaged TIE fighter. Around the same time, Phennir participated in several space battles between Imperial and Rebel forces. Fought in the Corellian, Dantooine, Karthakk, Naboo, and Tatoo systems, each battle saw Phennir and several other Imperial pilots support an Imperial Lancer-class frigate as it squared off against a Rebel EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate.[11]

In 3 ABY,[9] the pilots of the 181st were briefed by Darth Vader, the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, about an upcoming strike at a Rebel fleet that was moving supplies to and from the planet Derra IV. An Imperial strike force brought Phennir and his fellows to their target, where the 181st participated in an attack[10] on an Alliance supply convoy and its starfighter escort.[9] Phennir personally destroyed four transports as the Empire routed its enemies,[10] thereby denying them a critical munitions shipment.[9] After returning to Coruscant, the pilots of the 181st were debriefed, and they were afterward given a lavish ceremony where Galactic Emperor Palpatine presented them with medals. For his actions, Phennir was promoted to commander and given control of the fighter group's second squadron, the 2/181st. Derricote was made a general and promoted out of pilot duty, which left the newly–dubbed Baron Fel a colonel and the commanding officer of the 181st.[10]

Victories and defeatsEdit

"Isoto acts for the Empire, the Empire we serve."
"That Empire died with the Emperor. Isoto serves himself, and Pestage and Isard. They are not the Empire."
―Fel and Phennir[src]

Shortly after Derra IV,[9] the 181st were attached to[12] Death Squadron, Lord Vader's personal fleet.[9] When the Empire discovered a hidden Rebel base on the remote world of Hoth, Vader immediately brought the fleet to his enemies. AT-AT walkers attacked the base on the ground, and Death Squadron remained in orbit as Rebel transports evacuated the planet.[13] On Vader's orders, the 181st engaged the transports,[12] and, after a great loss of life on both sides, the Rebel base was destroyed. However, a number of Alliance ships were able to escape. By 4 ABY,[9] Phennir had been promoted to major and had been made the 181st's executive officer. The group's starfighter of choice became the TIE interceptor,[8] and Phennir flew the interceptor Saber 2, from where he was responsible for the logistics of the 181st's Saber Squadron.[14] His wingman was a pilot with the call sign DS-181-4.[15]


Phennir flies in the Battle of Endor.

In 4 ABY, the 181st were stationed with[8] Death Squadron[16] at the Empire's second Death Star battlestation in the Endor system. The Emperor, who was personally overseeing the final stages of the station's construction, moved the Imperial fleet to the far side of the moon Endor and lured the Rebel Alliance to the incomplete superweapon with the intention of destroying them. When the Alliance Fleet attacked, Death Squadron sprang the trap.[17] Flying in Saber 2, Phennir was assigned to protect the Imperial II-class Star Destroyers Avenger[14] and Chimaera during the ensuing battle, as well as the battlecruiser Pride of Tarlandia. Despite the 181st's efforts, the latter ship was destroyed by an overwhelming number of Rebel starfighters.[16] Although the Death Star was protected by a deflector shield, Rebel commandos on the moon destroyed the planetary shield generator. Rebel fighters then entered the battlestation and raced toward its reactor core;[17] Phennir was one[8] of several TIE pilots who chased them through the incomplete station, but the Rebels were ultimately able to cripple the core.[17] Phennir escaped back into space,[2] but the disabling of the reactor core caused the destruction of the entire station.[17] The Imperial fleet fought for several more hours[18] before retreating to the planet Annaj.[16]

The Emperor perished at Endor, and, deprived of their leadership, a number of Imperial officers seceded from the Empire and declared themselves warlords.[16] The 181st remained loyal to the Imperial throne,[2] which was seized by Grand Vizier Sate Pestage,[16] but Phennir came to believe that the Empire he had previously served was dead.[4] The Rebel Alliance reorganized into a New Republic and began to push toward Imperial–held systems in the Core Worlds,[16] and nine months after Endor,[19] the 181st were dispatched to defend the planet Brentaal IV. The battle was orchestrated by Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard,[20] who secretly intended for Brentaal IV to fall and tarnish the image of her political enemies.[21] Initially, only the 181st's third squadron was sent,[4] but when they were wiped out and the world's moonbase taken by the New Republic task force,[20] Phennir and the rest of the fighter group were dispatched to defend the planet itself.[2]

Disaster at BrentaalEdit

"He might have power, but it is not the sort that can be transferred to you."
"Sir, if you think I want to supplant…"
"I don't think that, Turr. Be cautious, man. There are games being played here, and it's not good for a pawn to dream."
―Fel and Phennir discuss Lon Isoto's role in Ysanne Isard's manipulation of events at Brentaal IV[src]

After Phennir and his fellows arrived onworld, Fel received orders from Admiral Lon Isoto: protect his capital city of Vuultin. Fel was able to persuade him to allow all but one flight of the 181st to instead defend the strategic spaceport facilities in the city of Oradin, but Phennir nevertheless came to see Isoto as an incompetent, self–serving coward. The 181st established a base in an Oradin hangar, from where they prepared to defend against an imminent New Republic attack. Prior to launching, Phennir sought out Fel and indicated that the entire fighter group would follow him if he disregarded all of Isoto's commands. He further suggested that Fel usurp Isoto and become a warlord based out of Brentaal IV. Although sympathetic, Fel dismissed the suggestion and remained committed to defending the planet's citizens. The pilots then boarded their interceptors and launched. Over Oradin, the 181st resisted an attack by the Y-wing fighter group Aggressor Wing, and Fel led Alpha Squadron in destroying them while Phennir took the remainder of the fighter group to make a run on attacking assault carriers.[2] Phennir singlehandedly brought one of the carriers down.[4] When Isoto commed Fel and demanded that he retreat to the besieged Vuultin, Phennir urged him to ignore the command, but Fel relented to his superior officer and took Alpha Squadron to defend the capital. He ordered Phennir to leave nothing for Oradin's conquerors, and the Major inflicted heavy damage on the city before following the Baron.[2] However, the attack at Vuultin had been a feint, and the New Republic forces retreated to a defenseless Oradin.[4]


Phennir pursues Tycho Celchu over Brentaal IV.

In Vuultin, the members of the 181st were invited into the throne room of Isoto's lavish palace, where the Admiral celebrated the city's survival and presented Phennir with an award for his destruction of the carrier: The Vuultin Starburst, created specially for the occasion by Isoto himself. Save for Fel, who refused any reward, the rest of the fighter group received Oradin Diamond awards, which Isoto also gave to himself. Despite Fel's humility, Isoto declared the day "Fel's Day," and a round of wine drinking ensued. Phennir spoke with Fel and dismissed his medal, believing that the battle had been just another day to kill their enemies. Fel suggested that Isoto's overconfidence was affecting Phennir, and opined to the shocked Major that the entire incident was a game orchestrated by higher powers. At that moment, Grania—one of Isoto's concubines—approached the two and offered herself to them. Phennir followed Fel's lead in politely refusing, but his reluctance showed to the Baron, who gave him the go–ahead. Phennir and Grania then proceeded to a more private location.[4]

Not long afterward, the New Republic struck at Vuultin. As the X-wing fighters of Rogue Squadron assaulted the city's defenses, the 181st launched to engage them, and the battle soon moved from atmosphere into space. Several interceptors were shot down by the Rogues while the rest of the 181st attacked the Y-wings of Aggressor Wing. Phennir approached Rogue pilot Tycho Celchu and attacked with a determination to kill one of the New Republic's best pilots; however, Vuultin had fallen, and the battle was already lost. Fel thus allowed Phennir only one pass at Celchu before taking the 181st to regroup with the Star Destroyer Eviscerator. When Celchu reversed his throttle and slipped behind Phennir, the Major broke to port and retreated to the Eviscerator. Meanwhile, Fel's interceptor was crippled by an ion blast from Aggressor Wing's Colonel Horton Salm.[21] Captured by the New Republic, Fel defected from an Empire in which he too had stopped believing,[10] and command of the 181st was given to Phennir.[5]

Imperial aceEdit

Regaining groundEdit

"The real One Eighty–first is still serving the Empire with loyalty and skill, under Turr Phennir."
―Teren Rogriss, in 7 ABY[src]

Turr Phennir, starfighter ace

The New Republic continued their coreward push toward Coruscant over the next two years, and in 6 ABY, Phennir and the 181st were stationed at the Bilbringi Shipyards, where they were answerable to Admiral Teren Rogriss. When the New Republic's Admiral Nammo brought the MC80 Home One type Star Cruiser Defiance to Bilbringi, Phennir and the 181st aided Rogriss in defeating their foe.[16] The New Republic nevertheless conquered Coruscant in 7 ABY, and Imperial leadership was thrown into flux. Various individuals ruled over the next few years,[22] and Phennir and the 181st remained loyal to the throne.[5] When Grand Admiral Thrawn defended Bilbringi from the New Republic in 9 ABY, the 181st flew in the battle, but the Imperial fleet fled when Thrawn was betrayed and killed by his bodyguard, Rukh.[16] In 11 ABY, the entire Imperial Ruling Council was killed or captured, and the Galactic Empire ceased to exist. The holdings of various warlords were unified to form the Imperial Remnant in 12 ABY;[22] by that time, Phennir—now considered the Empire's greatest starfighter ace—was stationed with the 181st on the planet Borosk, in Remnant territory.[16]

Remnant Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon sought to expand the new government's borders through conquest,[22] and he brought the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Reaper to Borosk to collect Phennir and the 181st. The fighter group and the Star Dreadnought initiated their Orinda campaign by swiftly capturing the Mid Rim's Orinda system and six coreward systems along the Entralla Route. Their final victory was in the Lonnaw system, from where Pellaeon dispatched emissaries to the New Republic, informing them that no further offensives would be launched if the new Imperial borders were respected. Instead, the New Republic dispatched to the front lines a fleet led by General Wedge Antilles that consisted of Rogue Squadron and the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Lusankya. Before Antilles caught up with Pellaeon's fleet, the 181st and a complement of Imperial-class Star Destroyers captured the defenseless systems of Hewett and Tartaglia. When Antilles arrived in the Mid Rim, Phennir brought the 181st to the Reaper's aid as the fleet engaged Rogue Squadron and the Lusankya at the Darkon and Traval-Pacor systems. Both engagements were won by the New Republic, who secured the systems.[16]

The 181st and the Rogues then fought to a stalemate in the Orocco system. Afterward, the 181st and the Lusankya battled for control of the Tyan system, and the 181st emerged victorious. At that point, the fleet carrier Endurance was added to the New Republic's arsenal, and it joined Antilles's fleet in defeating the 181st and the Reaper in the Obredaan system. Pellaeon's fleet fell back to Orinda, and Phennir led the 181st as, alongside the Reaper, it defended the world against the entirety of Antilles's forces. Pellaeon sprung a trap when six interdictor cruisers and the Star Dreadnought Dominion decanted from hyperspace; the Endurance was destroyed, and the Lusankya retreated with the Rogues. Orinda was secured as the edge of the Imperial Remnant's territory, but subsequent border clashes with the New Republic became common.[16] In 13 ABY,[3] both governments turned their eyes to the neutral planet Adumar.[16]

Emissary of the EmpireEdit

"General Turr Phennir."
"Wedge Antilles."
"It seems we're here for the same reason."
"I suspect so."
"You'll understand if I don't wish you luck."
―Wedge Antilles and Phennir, after meeting on Adumar[src]

Phennir in formal dress

Located in Wild Space, Adumar was a planet with rich ordnance–producing resources that had just recently discovered the wider galaxy. Its citizens held fighter pilots in high esteem, and when the Imperial Remnant discovered that it was interested in joining them, Phennir—now a general—and three other members of the 181st were dispatched on a diplomatic mission to a world that insisted on negotiating with the Remnant's best pilots. Admiral Rogriss brought them to Adumar in the Star Destroyer Agonizer, and, after making planetfall in the nation state of Cartann, the pilots were welcomed by the nation's government with pomp and ceremony. That evening, they attended a reception at the palace of Cartann's perator, Pekaelic ke Teldan, in the nation's capital of Cartann City. After leaving their blasters at the door, Phennir and his men were greeted by a large crowd of government officials and pilots in the palace's outer hall. Phennir was surprised to bump into Wedge Antilles, and, after a reach for his blaster came up empty, he realized that Adumar had also invited the New Republic's best pilots—Antilles, Celchu, Wes Janson, and Derek Klivian—in an effort to judge both governments. In a tense moment, Phennir and Antilles shook hands, acknowledged each other's missions, and parted company. Before the night was over, the pilots bore witness to a culturally significant duel between two locals, Cheriss ke Hanadi and Depird ke Fanax, who fought with Adumar's local blastsword weapon.[3]

With Phennir and Antilles now aware of each other's presence, Rogriss was made to swear to Cartann's government that he would leave the system peacefully should they choose to side with the New Republic. Over the next several days, Phennir and his men frequently tested out Adumar's Blade-32 superiority fighters in the planet's skies. After launching from the Cartann Bladedrome military base, they were routinely challenged to dogfights by local pilots, who sought to gain honor by killing them in accordance with local customs. They accepted and won each challenge, killing their opponents and gaining considerable honor themselves in the eyes of their hosts. Their popularity in Cartann rose above that of Antilles and his three Rogue Squadron pilots, who exclusively used simulated weapons in their aerial duels. Phennir and his men were often invited to dinner by Cartann nobles, and as the days passed, the invitations began to come from nobles of higher prestige, who preferred Phennir's adherence to local customs over Antilles's effort to spare lives. One day, the 181st pilots accepted challenges from and shot down two half squadrons of experienced pilots. While returning from the base to the city, their wheeled transport was surrounded by gawking locals, who shouted accolades and passed them gifts. The procession stalled Antilles' own transport, and Phennir gave his opposite number a mocking smile.[3]

With the prospect of joining the galactic community becoming very real, Cartann's government invited representatives from the world's other nations to Cartann City in order to discuss the possibility of forming a unified planetary government. A reception was held at the Perator's palace, and Phennir and his men attended in Adumari dress. Phennir kept a watchful eye on Antilles' men, who stood out in New Republic dress uniforms, while the other 181st pilots regaled admiring nobles with dogfighting anecdotes. Before the Perator spoke, ke Hanadi accepted and won two consecutive challenges from blastsword duelists, after which Perator ke Teldan gave a speech in front of a flatcam that broadcast across all of Adumar. He declared that Cartann would henceforth be the center of an Adumari government led by himself, and when the flatscreens turned off, he told the visiting dignitaries that they had one day to officially acquiesce. Two more blastsword duels closed off the night, and the following evening, Phennir and his men followed the New Republic pilots' lead and arrived at the Perator's palace in formal Imperial attire. Ke Teldan announced that the Yedagon Confederacy and the nation of Halbegardia had issued statements of defiance, and he asked the eight visiting pilots if they would fly with Cartann in a war against the two nations. Phennir immediately pledged his men to the Perator's cause, but Antilles refused, and the New Republic pilots were consequently exiled from Cartann.[3]

Fighting for CartannEdit

"Would you—and it would please us greatly if you would—lead units of the Cartann armed forces in action against our enemies, so that we might grasp the full measure of your skill and honor?"
"It would be my tremendous honor to demonstrate what we have to offer the people of Cartann and Adumar."
―Perator ke Teldan and Phennir[src]
Saber 2

Phennir's interceptor in flight

The 181st pilots helped Perator ke Teldan prepare for war. A surprise attack on Cartann came just before dawn two days later, as Antilles and his pilots led the forces of Yedagon and its allies into battle. Phennir and his men launched in their interceptors and joined the Blade fighters that fought to defend the nation's capital. They engaged the Adumari Union above a forest canopy several minutes out from Cartann City, and one of Phennir's men was killed when Antilles and his Rogues concentrated their Blades' laser fire on his interceptor. The remaining three Imperial pilots subsequently disabled Celchu's craft but were forced to scatter from the guns of a Meteor-class Aerial Fort. The Union advance continued, but Phennir and his men destroyed large numbers of enemy Blades and quickly retreated at unpredictable angles whenever approached by a large formation. The battle eventually came to the city itself, and the New Republic pilots retrieved their captured X-wing fighters from the Perator's palace. While the Imperials were picking off targets in the skies above the city's west end, Antilles arrived in his X-wing and killed another of Phennir's men. Phennir and his remaining pilot damaged Klivian's fighter before pursuing Antilles and Celchu, but a laser salvo from Antilles reduced their number to just Phennir. Outgunned, he rocketed skyward and returned to the Agonizer. Without the skill of their Imperial allies, the Cartann defense fell apart, and they surrendered.[3]

Admiral Rogriss joined Antilles on the ground, having lost faith in an Empire he knew would force him to break his word and punish the Adumari for siding with the New Republic. As the Agonizer left the system, its crew found itself unable to contact the Imperial Remnant due to a holocomm Rogriss had locked down. After their return to Imperial space, Phennir gathered the rest of the 181st and joined a task force that was dispatched to Adumar to attack. Falsified local news reports had suggested that Adumar was still at war, but the task force instead found several New Republic capital ships orbiting a unified world. Phennir nevertheless led elements of the 181st out of a Star Destroyer's hangar bay, escorting numerous TIE bomber squadrons into Cartann airspace. Phennir and several others piloted advanced TIE Defenders. The group was met by New Republic and Adumari fighter squadrons, and a series of dogfights began. Phennir met Antilles in a head–to–head pass and scored a hit, which damaged his enemy's X-wing. Antilles got the better of the next pass, destroying one of the solar wing arrays of Phennir's Defender. With his fighter venting atmosphere, Phennir retreated to the Agonizer, which had suffered heavy damage. The task force fled the system shortly thereafter, leaving Adumar to the New Republic.[3]

Warfare renewedEdit


"We haven't been introduced."
"General Turr Phennir. Supreme Commander of the Confederation military. At your service."
"I thought…"
"That today would be the day that office was elected. A deception I thought would be useful in drawing your forces in."
―Jacen Solo speaks to a hologram of Phennir during the Battle of Gilatter VIII[src]
Battle of Gilatter VIII

Phennir's hologram observes a lightsaber duel aboard the Gilatter VIII resort satellite.

After Adumar, Phennir remained out of action for many years.[6] 19 ABY saw the Imperial Remnant sign a peace treaty with the New Republic, bringing the Galactic Civil War to an end. The New Republic reorganized into the Galactic Alliance in 28 ABY,[9] and twelve years later, tensions arose between the Alliance and the planet Corellia.[23] The Alliance placed limitations on the military capabilities of its member worlds, and the independently–minded Corellians challenged the restrictions while secretly building a fleet.[16] As the Second Galactic Civil War broke out between the Galactic Alliance and the Corellian system's Five Worlds leadership, other planetary governments flocked to the Corellians' cause, including those of Commenor, Bothawui, Fondor, Bespin, Adumar[7] and Atzerri.[22] The newly–formed Confederation sought a wartime leader,[7] and Phennir resurfaced[6] to become a general and the Supreme Commander of the Confederation military,[7] the highest position in the organization.[24] In his new office, he sought to lead the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet into a trap, and a ruse was developed to draw the enemy to the gas giant Gilatter VIII.[7]

Knowledge of Phennir's appointment was kept top secret. Instead, information was leaked to Galactic Alliance Intelligence that an upcoming face–to–face meeting of Confederate delegates at an abandoned resort satellite orbiting Gilatter VIII would elect a Supreme Commander, who would then lead a fleet action against an Alliance target. Confederate forces spent several days performing minor raids on Alliance shipyards, and Alliance Intelligence concluded that a major shipyard offensive would follow the meeting. In reality, actors were sent to the resort satellite in the guise of government officials, and the surrounding space was filled with mines. Confederate capital ships waited in nearby space, and on the day of the false meeting, Phennir projected his presence into the satellite via hologram. After directing the actors' attention to the arrival of Alliance forces, visible through the viewport, he acknowledged the presence of Alliance Colonel Jacen Solo, whom Phennir had learned had infiltrated the meeting. He then personally mocked Solo for falling for the trap, but the Force-sensitive Colonel was able to telepathically warn his allies about the minefield before escaping from the resort.[7] In the ensuing chaos, Phennir's hologram observed a lightsaber duel aboard the resort satellite that pitted Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker and his sister Leia Organa Solo against the Sith Lady Lumiya and the Dark Jedi Alema Rar.[25] It ended in a stalemate. A concurrent space battle between the Confederation and the Alliance was an even slugging match, and both sides retreated after taking moderate losses.[7]

The Confederation celebrated the engagement as a victory for Phennir,[7] and their ranks were bolstered by new governments, including that of Hutt Space.[26] Shortly thereafter, Confederate forces began to push toward the enemy's capital world of Coruscant. Hutt and Commenorian fleets captured Balmorra, and a joint Corellian–Bothan force fought a week–long struggle against the Galactic Alliance at Kuat. However, the Confederation abandoned Kuat in order to aid the neutral planet Kashyyyk when it was bombarded by Jacen Solo—now the Alliance Chief of State—who accused the native Wookiees of harboring a group of Jedi that had withdrawn from the Alliance due to Solo's increasingly brutal war tactics. Solo's Galactic Alliance Fifth Fleet fled from the combined forces of the Confederation, the Wookiee fleet, the New Jedi Order, and the Hapes Consortium. Following the battle, the latter three groups formed the Jedi Coalition in opposition to Solo, and the Confederation agreed not to interfere in their affairs.[26] However, Phennir's coreward push had ground to a halt.[16]


"I don't say this often, Koyan, but I'll say it now. You're an idiot."
"Which makes you an even more exceptional idiot, for saying it to the man with the most destructive weapon ever created."
"As you have the most destructive weapon ever created, you are clearly capable of defending the Corellian system without aid from the rest of the Confederation. No need for synchronized fleet movements. For sharing intelligence with the other worlds. For food, medicines, supplies."
―Phennir and Sadras Koyan[src]

Following the bombardment of Kashyyyk, Confederation vessels remained on the world and helped extinguish the blazing forest fires. Around that time, Phennir learned that the Corellians were arranging a secret meeting with Solo; when he inquired as to their intentions, he was told that they were attempting to keep him busy for a few days. In truth, Five World Prime Minister Sadras Koyan had reactivated the derelict Centerpoint Station, an ancient superweapon that lay in the Corellian system, and when Solo arrived at a deep–space rendezvous point to negotiate, Centerpoint's powerful repulsor weapon was fired at his fleet. Solo's flagship escaped unscathed, and a furious Phennir contacted Koyan to dress him down for independently utilizing a Confederate resource and for alerting the Alliance that a strategic weapon was once again operational. When Koyan remained belligerent, Phennir cut Corellia off from all Confederate aid, including medicine, supplies, intelligence, and synchronized fleet movements.[27]


Turr Phennir

Not long afterward, Phennir was contacted by Denjax Teppler, Corellia's Minister of Information, who appealed to the General to end the embargo. Phennir compared Koyan to a poison that would spread through the body of the Confederation unless its arm—Corellia—were amputated. He would only honor Teppler's request if the poison were removed. When Centerpoint Station was later attacked by both the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi Coalition, Phennir was again contacted by Teppler, who asked for Confederate reinforcements and promised that Koyan would soon cease to be a problem. When Phennir received confirmation that Koyan was no longer in power, he dispatched warships to aid the suffering Corellian fleet. During the battle, a Jedi strike team boarded and sabotaged Centerpoint Station, which subsequently fired on and destroyed itself, along with most of the Confederate and Alliance vessels in the system.[27]

As the war raged into 41 ABY, a Galactic Alliance attack on the Fondor Shipyards turned the tide of the conflict. Although the Imperial Remnant entered the war on the Alliance's side, Solo's co–Chief of State Cha Niathal broke away from the government and formed an Alliance-in-exile[28] that later joined the Jedi Coalition, as did Mandalorian forces and the Maw Irregular Fleet of the rogue warlord Natasi Daala. A subsequent clash in the Roche system saw the Confederation suffer a considerable loss when Bothan and Corellian fleets were trapped by Alliance Admiral Nek Bwua'tu. The war's final battle saw Solo killed by his twin sister Jaina in a lightsaber duel, which prompted the entire Jedi Coalition to join forces with the Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Remnant in an effort to force the Confederation to the bargaining table. The Confederation surrendered to the combined might of its enemies, and the war was brought to an end.[29] However, the organization remained independent from the Alliance, and Phennir continued to serve as their leader during the war's fallout.[24]

Midway through 43 ABY, Phennir was invited to Coruscant to attend a Unification Summit. Hosted by the Galactic Alliance, its aim was to explore the relationships between the Alliance, Confederation, and Imperial Remnant, and to ultimately restore a strong planetary union. On the galactic capital world, Phennir joined Alliance Chief of State Natasi Daala and Imperial Head of State Jagged Fel at the head table of a large chamber within the world's Senate Building. Senator Tiurrg Drey'lye of the Senate Unification Preparations Committee chaired the opening session of the summit, where speeches were made by various parties. Following the initial session, the summit continued over the next several weeks,[24] but in 44 ABY, Daala was deposed and arrested,[30] and Fel left Coruscant to deal with Imperial affairs.[31]

Personality and traitsEdit

"What's his record for today?"
"He accepted two challenges, and he and his pilots shot down two half flightknives. Experienced pilots, good ones. He gained considerable honor today."
"Yes, he's just rolling in the honor coupons. They stick to the blood all over him."
―Wedge Antilles and Cheriss ke Hanadi discuss Phennir's actions on Adumar[src]

Phennir urges Soontir Fel to rebel against Admiral Isoto.

During his early Imperial service, Turr Phennir was dedicated to furthering the glory of the Empire,[10] and, despite his aristocratic background, cared not for rank or family prestige, but how many enemies of the Empire he got to shoot down. Those beliefs also made him turn down an offer to join Black Squadron when he joined the 181st.[1] However, he lost faith in Imperial leadership following the Battle of Endor, believing that the Empire had died with its Emperor. Phennir doubted the competence of Admiral Lon Isoto and repeatedly urged Soontir Fel to refuse Isoto's orders at Brentaal IV, opining that ignoring the commands of an incompetent superior was outside the boundaries of mutiny. He suggested that the Baron instead seize control of the world and declare himself a warlord;[2] ambitious, Phennir hoped to serve as Fel's second–in–command.[3] However, he deferred to Fel's decision to follow Isoto's orders and protect Brentaal IV's citizens. Despite his lack of faith in the Empire,[2] Phennir continued to serve for a further nine years.[3][9]

Phennir was eager for glory, and he briefly strayed from his mission profile on Brentaal IV to challenge Tycho Celchu, one of the New Republic's best pilots.[21] Despite his ambition,[3] Phennir was indifferent toward the medal that he received from Isoto, maintaining the views from his earlier Imperial service that his actions during the battle had been just another opportunity to kill his enemies.[4][1] He had no moral quandaries with killing, and he eagerly and frequently participated in Cartann's customary duels–to–the–death while on Adumar. His actions and his respect for Adumari customs gained him considerable honor with the locals, which Phennir was quick to smugly flaunt to Wedge Antilles, his opposite number.[3] Phennir had a low opinion of New Republic forces[4] and was furious whenever Antilles upstaged him in front of their Adumari hosts. Confident that it would lead to Adumar joining the Empire, he was quick to pledge himself and his men to Cartann's war effort when the nation's Perator declared his intention to conquer the planet by force.[3] Phennir's reputation during his Imperial career was one of combat savagery and backstabbing politics, but by 43 ABY, it had evolved into one of honorable service and pragmatism.[24]

Phennir disdained politicians, and during his service as Supreme Commander of the Confederation military, he openly insulted both Sadras Koyan and Denjax Teppler to their faces. He berated the former for using Centerpoint Station without his blessing, and he cut the entire Corellian system off from Confederate aid due to what he saw as gross incompetenece on Koyan's part. However, Teppler won both an apology and a measure of Phennir's respect when he showed candor while requesting an end to the embargo. Phennir believed that Koyan's Corellian spirit of freedom contributed to his "mental deficits," and he insisted that Koyan be removed from power by any means necessary, else the entire Confederation would fall apart.[27]

Throughout his years as a pilot, Phennir enjoyed a celebrated career.[3] He personally destroyed four Rebel transports at Derra IV[10] and singlehandedly brought down a New Republic assault carrier at Brentaal IV.[4] During the Orinda campaign, he led the 181st to victory over the Lusankya, an Executor-class Star Dreadnought. In 12 ABY, he was considered the Empire's greatest starfighter ace,[16] and by the following year, the most famous surviving Imperial pilot. However, Wedge Antilles bested him in a dogfight over Adumar in that year.[3] Phennir served as the 181st's executive officer for several years,[8] a post in which he was responsible for squadron logistics.[14] He also showed prowess as a tactician, successfully luring the Galactic Alliance into a trap at Gilatter VIII.[7]

Phennir stood below average height and sported fair,[3] blond[2] hair that seemed naturally unruly[3] despite being cut into a military style.[7] With dark[3] blue[4] eyes that suggested cutting intelligence,[3] light–colored skin,[2] high cheekbones,[7] and aristocratic,[24] lean features, he was handsome but for a scar that curved across his left cheek.[3] In 40 ABY, he still sported military uniforms that were reminiscent of the early days of the Empire, and his overall appearance lacked warmth.[7]

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Phennir in Star Wars: Galaxies

Turr Phennir was created by author Michael A. Stackpole as a character in the X-wing Rogue Squadron comic series, and he first appeared in the series' twenty–second issue, which was penciled by John Nadeau and published in September 1997.[2] He also appeared in the next three issues, the two former of which were penciled by Nadeau[4][21] and the latter by Steve Crespo.[10] All four issues were written by Stackpole and were part of the larger "Rise of Isard" story arc that was developed by Stackpole and editor Peet Janes.[32]

Author Aaron Allston later mentioned Phennir in the 1999 novel X-Wing: Solo Command[5] and gave the character a major role in X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar, a book released later in the year.[3] Phennir's only other appearances have been in three additional Allston novels, released in 2007 and 2009,[7][27][24] and in the online MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. Phennir was added to the game in 2011 as a starfighter pilot whom the player character could engage in combat.[11] Phennir's character has been further developed in various sourcebooks[6][16] and in Death Star II Limited, a 2000 expansion set of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game.[8][14][15] Although the set used a screenshot of a TIE pilot from 1983's Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi to represent Phennir,[8][17] the pilot flies a TIE fighter in the film,[17] while Phennir has been established as flying a TIE interceptor during the battle.[14] An illustration of Phennir in 2012's The Essential Reader's Companion was done by artist Chris Scalf.[25] Earlier that same year, Phennir was also featured in The Essential Guide to Warfare,[16] though not all content written about him made the final cut. In 2014, the article Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare Author's Cut released some of the cut content related to Phennir along with other material cut from the book.[1] Author Paul R. Urquhart further went on to mention in his endnotes he had written that Omi Vane, the wife of the character Tofen Vane introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Hero of the Confederacy, remarried Count Phennir, and Turr simply adopted the "Phennir" surname to avoid raising too many questions.[33]



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