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The turret droid was a Trade Federation war machine used to defend strategic locations. Like the later Octuptarra combat tri-droid, the turret droid was arranged as a weapon pod atop three stilt legs. It is unclear whether these legs were used for locomotion, or merely for bracing the turret once deployed.

Turret droids were used extensively by the Trade Federation during the Invasion of Naboo, guarding Federation holdings beyond the system as well as defending prison camps on Naboo itself.

Turret droid

A T4 turret droid

A unique version of the turret droid was set to guard the atrium of the Theed Royal Palace. This version spun around on a stationary four-legged pod with a single "eye" from which it fired plasma waves. The droid also possessed a cannon on either side of its head that could launch thermal detonators, and a personal energy shield, similar to that employed by the Trade Federation's Droidekas. If the cannons on either side of its head were damaged, the turret droid could fire a sustained laser beam from its "eye". This model was destroyed at the end of the Fall of Theed by the Jedi who had arrived to rescue Naboo's Queen Amidala.

During the Clone Wars, Sia-Lan Wezz, Rorworr, and Vor'en Kurn fought a mixed group of turret droids and B1 battle droids.

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