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This article is about the Tusken language. You may be looking for the Tusken Raiders, also known as Sand People, or Fort Tusken, or the island Tusken.

The Sand People

"Koroght gaghgt Takt."
Sidrona Diath, speaking in Tusken[src]

Tusken was the language spoken by the Sand People of Tatooine. It was considered very primitive; to the untrained ear, it sounded like shrieking and hollering. It also included many grunts, growls and honking noises used as punctuations. However, it was really a complex language, and people from other species found it very difficult to learn.[1] Properly speaking in Tusken required a good amount of phlegm.[2] Protocol droids could be properly equipped with a Tusken language pack for fluency.[3]

Tusken language had no written form, relying instead only in oral tradition. The language consisted mostly of consonants.[1]

Known vocabulary or sentencesEdit

  • Aargh. - Greetings.[2]
  • Arg yowr rakak quaraka. - That time calculator belonged to my mother.[2]
  • B'Thazoshe – Bantha horn turned to stone.[4]
  • C'rell'akt – Woman of Corellia.[5]
  • Eyaak urk urk. – I mean you no harm.[2]
  • Eyak ur urah gu. – Please leave my clothes.[2]
  • Gafsa – Waking place.[5]
  • Hu raka. – I surrender.[2]
  • Iurak ip ip hurak? – Where is the nearest settlement?[2]
  • Koroght gaghgt Takt – Blessed be your going out from us.[5]
  • Kterskt – Danger.
  • Orukak! – Hands up![2]
  • Orukak argg yurag? – Care for a drink?[2]
  • Oru uru kak. – Drop your weapon.[2]
  • Prodorissac – Betrayer.
  • Ru rah ru rah. – I come in peace.[2]
  • Skaterkst – Bad.
  • Tuyiskt sisktn – Hunting grounds.
  • Uli-ah – Child.[6]
  • Urrak! – Don't move![2]
  • Urrr urah urah urah? - Where is the nearest water?[2]
  • Urtah – Carrying pack.[6]
  • Urtya – Light tent.[6]

Notable non-native speakers of TuskenEdit



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