"The Empire does not answer to you citizen. You answer to the Empire. The Empire is not obligated to tell you that it lost a facility to the Sand People and that no one has reported it to Prefect Talmont yet for fear of being reprimanded. Yes, you are not privy to that type of information."
―An Imperial colonel[src]

The Tusken Bunker was a bunker built by the Empire in the desert between Mos Espa and Bestine on Tatooine. It consisted of a one-storied building above the ground with a small watchtower on top and two underground levels. Next to the bunker stood large machines, presumably power generators. The area was surrounded by a fortified wall.

At some point of time prior to 1 ABY, Sandpeople under the lead of a Tusken King attacked the bunker, killing many Imperials, and took control of the complex. The Tuskens installed a large skeletonized krayt dragon head in the main room where the king resided. Various skeletons of the slain Imperials could still be found in the bunker. In 1 ABY Errik Darksider sold the coordinates to the bunker to a spacer. An Imperial colonel in Bestine also tasked a citizen with re-securing the facility, albeit in a manner that avoided directly stating that they had lost it in the first place. The colonel also indicated that they hadn't actually reported their losing the bunker to the Tusken Raiders to Prefect Eugene Talmont out of fear of being reprimanded by him.

During that time, a Zabrak individual named Errik Darksider sold the coordinates of the bunker to a spacer traveling through Mos Eisley.[1]

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