Tuulab was the second planet in the Triitus system of the Corva sector.


Tuulab was the second planet of the Triitus system, located in the Corva sector of the Outer Rim Territories region of the galaxy. A day on Tuulab lasted 18 standard hours and a year on Tuulab lasted 452 local days. Tuulab was a terrestrial world with a breathable atmosphere, standard gravity, a moderate hydrosphere, and a temperate climate with mild weather. It featured abundant natural resources and terrain that included plains, hills, and mountains. The planet exported minerals and imported medical supplies.[1]


During the height of Emperor Palpatine's reign, a group of 721 Humans settled on Tuulab in an expedition led by Ingas Lek of Corellia. As knowledge of the colony became available in the Core Worlds, some Imperial citizens who cared neither for the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance joined the original settlers. The population grew, eventually exceeding 6,000 inhabitants, but no government was ever formed and neither the Empire or the New Republic established a presence on the planet.[1]


The inhabitants of Tuulab, referred to as Tuulabi, numbered about 6,000 and preferred rural existence without the burden of galactic politics or conflict. Conditions on the planet provided its population with almost everything they needed for survival. The Gotal crime lord Mahk'khar resided in a palace located on the western coast on the northern continent.[1]



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