"Go home, little girl. Leave now while I still permit it. And don't come back. You do, and I might find a use for you wouldn't like."
―Tuyay's last words to Guri[src]

M. Tuyay was a Human male and the Chief Operating Officer for Ororo Transportation. He was a major competitor of Prince Xizor's Xizor Transport Systems. He was a fitness buff and bulged with muscles.


Guri picks up Tuyay's chair.

In 3 ABY with Z. Limmer and Dellis Yuls, he claimed to Guri that Ororo would not presume to contend with Black Sun nor tread in Prince Xizor's territory.

When Guri seemed annoyed with the assumption that her agents were idiots, Tuyay lost his composure, shouted angrily that he is unwilling to "play doormat" or him any more, and that they are going to keep all credits they gain.

Hearing these from his colleague, Limmer tried to soften his words, before stopped by Tuyay. He ordered Guri to leave and threatened her never to come back.

Suddenly Guri jumped behind them, grabbed him on his chair and threw him at the two Gamorrean guards. Dellis Yuls pulled a small blaster but Guri broke his hand. Limmer tried to stand, but then she speared his throat with her fingertips.

Tuyay came to his feet and Guri grabbed his throat as he did the same to her. Then she dropped him, pulled the blaster from the belt of one of the stunned Gamorreans.

After shooting both Yuls and Limmer, she returned to Tuyay as he tried to breathe. As he looked at her, she shot Tuyay's left eyeball.



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