Tuzin Gast was a researcher for Binring Biomedical Product.


Gast was the principal scientist involved in Project Chubar, a research effort commissioned by Emperor Palpatine to provide intelligent and loyal nonhuman spies through genetic and chemical therapies.

After the Battle of Endor, Gast assisted Warlord Zsinj in acquiring a majority stake in Binring Biomedical. Shortly thereafter, he suffered a breakdown due to the guilt he felt from his unethical research.

Gast allowed Voort saBinring, one of his most successful subjects, to escape, and then used an explosive device to commit suicide and destroy much of his research facility on Saffalore. Before setting off the explosive, he synthesized enough Gamorrean blood plasma to make it appear that saBinring had died in the blast with the other test subjects. Gast's head was found among the debris.

Tuzin Gast was survived by his niece, Edda Gast, who resumed his research with little difficulty.




  1. According to X-Wing: Solo Command, Gast died a couple of years before the present day of 7.5 ABY.
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