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The Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy was a list of wonders constructed by sentient beings from across the galaxy. The list was created by Vicendi in 10,000 BBY as part of Arturum Galactinum, a commissioned work for the anniversary of the Galactic Republic. The list was criticized by some for emphasizing antiquity, those items linked to the formation of the Republic, and the Core Worlds. Other cultures, such as the Hutts, Bothans, Caamasi, and Humanocentrists created their own lists of wonders. The Galactic Empire, via its Imperial Ministry of Education, had a rewritten list called the Glorius Imperica, which focused mainly on Human High Culture. Many of the wonders were lost to time, but were famous in their own right nonetheless.

The Twenty Wonders[]

Wonder Location Created Destroyed Description
Coruscant's Imperial Palace Galactic City, Coruscant Damaged during Yuuzhan Vong War Originally a presidential palace, it was converted to Imperial purposes during the Galactic Empire.
Dawn Pyramid of Aargau Aargau Prehistoric Possibly built by the Sharu and constructed of near-indestructible plastic of iridescent color.
Brass Soldiers of Axum Axum Possibly pre-Republic The soldiers were thirty-five thousand warriors made of solid brass and frozen in positions of pain and terror.
Shawken Spire Shawken Construction began before 25,780 BBY 18,780 BBY A tower that took over nine millennia to construct, the building reached low orbit level before its destruction. A replica was created out of more modern materials.
Belgoth's Beacon Perlemian Trade Route Circa 25,100 BBY Second Alsakan Conflict An original hyperspace beacon that was commissioned by Borte Belgoth.
Valley of Royalty Duro Abandoned by 4000 BBY A valley that featured monuments to the monarchs of Duro who championed the exploration of space, it was abandoned by 4,000 BBY due to acidic pollution.
Celebratus Archive Obroa-skai 16,782 BBY The archive collected and retained complete records of over three hundred thousand species and solidified Obroa-skai's reputation as a bastion of research.
Statue of Xim Desevro Sometime before 25,100 BBY The statue was a large replica of Xim, a tyrannical ancient ruler, which stood over one hundred meters high. It was toppled by a groundquake late during the despot's reign.
Crevasse City Alderaan 0 BBY[1] The city was constructed in the winding walls of a canyon and became a symbol of Alderaan's balance between urbanization and ecology.
The Ark of Baron Auletphant Housed in Baobab Archives, Manda The ark was a golden barge with rose and azure mytag crystals that contained aquatic specimens of many worlds. It was lost for over ten millennia, but recovered and placed on Manda in 520 BBY.
Ice Crypts Coruscant A subterranean chamber used by the thirteen Nations of Zhell to bury their chiefs.
Caliginous Automaton of Tomo-Reth Tomo-Reth 14,743 BBY A large black automaton that was more than fifty meters in height, it sat on a throne and breathed fire at its visitors, amazing those who came to view it.
Tract of Makem Te Makem Te The tract was a large graveyard that covered much of a continent on the planet. It was originally mistaken for an ice cap.
Esraza Temple Oligtaz Destroyed sometime prior to modern era A large shrine that was believed to be a nexus where visitors could be endowed with the gifts of teleportation and foresight.
Forbidden Gardens of Nuswatta Nuswatta The gardens were originally only accessible by Xim the Despot and existed in an extinct volcano. Those who saw the gardens were put to death. Later, the gardens were opened to the public.
Crystal City of Calius saj Leeloo Calius saj Leeloo, Berchest The city was constructed from the local crystal deposits.
Halls of Knowledge Phateem The Halls of Knowledge was once the largest repository of Force-imbued items.
Cathedral of Winds Vortex Destroyed in 11 ABY; rebuilt by Vors A large cathedral that was used to create music by redirecting airflow through the doorways. It was discovered during the Pius Dea Crusades by the explorer Hicco.
Alsakan Mosaics Rucapar, Alsakan Third Alsakan Conflict Originally sprawlling from the central square of Rucapar, the mosaics were five lanes of tile that reached to five equidistant mountains. Only traces survived the Third Alsakan Conflict.
Space City Nespis VIII During early Republic 11 ABY The Space City was an interstellar metropolis that was constructed during the early days of the Republic. Largely abandoned by the Clone Wars, it was eventually destroyed by the Galaxy Gun in 11 ABY.

Behind the scenes[]

The Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy were first mentioned in the sourcebook Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds. Later, Daniel Wallace, in an interview with suvudu.com at San Diego Comic-Con, previewed that The Essential Atlas was expected to have a complete list of the Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy.[2] Upon publication, the Atlas in fact included the list which featured newly created locations.



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