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"With our forces stretched so thin, I'm going to enlist the help of the freedom fighters, led by Cham Syndulla."
―Mace Windu — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

The Twi'lek Resistance was a force of rebel Twi'leks who resisted the Separatist Alliance's occupation of the planet Ryloth during the Clone Wars. The Twi'leks, led by Cham Syndulla and with the aid of the Grand Army of the Republic, were able to liberate their planet from the Separatists.


When the Confederacy of Independent Systems invaded Ryloth, the resistance was formed[6] and was led by political radical, General Cham Syndulla.[1] The resistance then fought alongside the Republic garrison under Jedi General Ima-Gun Di and Captain Keeli against the Droid Army. Unfortunately, the resistance and the garrison began to run low on supplies.[6]


Twi'leks cheer the arrival of relief supplies from the Republic.

Syndulla believed the Republic had abandoned them, but Di refused to believe him. Thus, the resistance decided to retreat over the mountains with their families. While Di and what was left of the Republic garrison stayed behind, the Resistance and their families made their escape over the mountain. They were given food and medical supplies from blockade runners from the Republic under Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan.[6]

Following the initial invasion, there was a massacre where a number of them had been killed. The resistance then set up grave stones. During this time they learned from their spies that Separatist Council member, Emir Wat Tambor, had ordered his forces to steal treasure from their villages.[1]

Following the return of the Republic to Ryloth, the Resistance attacked a droid patrol and destroyed them near their hideout. They then surrounded Jedi General Mace Windu and his ARF troopers. At first, the resistance and Syndulla were hesitant to join with Windu's forces. However, they changed their mind when Commander Ponds informed them of Tambor's firebomb campaign that destroyed villages. After speaking with Senator Orn Free Taa, Syndulla and the Resistance decided to join Windu's forces in taking Lessu.[1]

After driving out the Separatists, the Republic annexed the planet. Following the end of the Clone Wars, the Republic was replaced by the Galactic Empire; which established a protectorate over Ryloth. While the planet was nominally independent and was still represented in the Galactic Senate by Senator Orn Free Taa, real power lay in the hands of Moff Delian Mors. Taa and several collaborators benefitted from Imperial rule but many Twi'leks came to resent the Imperial presence. Cham and other like-minded Twi'leks formed the Free Ryloth Movement, which engaged in a rebellion against the Empire.[5]

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