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Twi'leki,[2] also known as Ryl,[3] was a language spoken by Twi'leks from Ryloth.[2] It combined verbal sounds and an elaborate sign language using the Twi'lek's head-tails, called lekku. That sign language allowed the Twi'leks to communicate complete concepts without having to pronounce a single word. Raising the tip of one's right lek meant "Hello!", while dipping the tip of one's left lek meant "Goodbye!" By crossing over both lekku tips twice, a Twi'lek meant to say "I love you." Both lekku tips jabbed into the speaker's back were to be understood as "May spice salt your wounds!"[4]

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  • Nerra ("brother")[1]
  • Numa ("sister")[1]
  • Chini, wachamio! ("Come, let's go!")
  • Nu nala quinjon wilo? ("Do you know where the prisoners are?")
  • Wachamio! ("Let's go!")[5]
  • Ma sareen ("My sweet")[6]
  • Tum, waswana jay ("Wasn't me")[7]
  • Nubata, sumata vaski! ("Oh no, it's a trap!")[7]
  • Uba neta gue wamba! ("You were the chosen one!")[7]
  • Duta, ha droids youba stupache! ("Look, the droids we're looking for!")[7]
  • Taugua Taugua ("Roger, roger")[7]
  • Tesa men yopatu droids youba stupache ("These are not the droids you are looking for")[7]
  • Nobra elle eschuch moleua, ye plenna ma puchlabah ("I'm in it for the money, and I expect to get well paid")[7]
  • Waba jafasua fuji ji awadna ("May the Force be with you")[7]
  • Oh, nobra edgra ("Oh, I'm sorry)[7]
  • Ji cuna tonka! Ji cuna tonka ("I give up! I give up")[7]
  • Chuba ("Hey")[7]
  • Hesuag boba ba bouba ("He doesn't like you")[7]
  • Nah-ah! Noba tubu a hagua ("Uh-uh, no you don't")[7]
  • Wanga, toba, twa! ("One, two, three!")[7]



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