Twi'light Storm is a roleplaying-game adventure in year three of the Living Force campaign. It is a stand-alone adventure written by Lee Pickler and edited by Jae Walker. It was supported by the web article Friendship in the Order.

Opening crawlEdit

A shroud of darkness has once again fallen over Cularin. Kirlocca, the Wookiee Jedi Master, has been struck down by the power of the dark side.

Remembrance ceremonies have been held all over the system. beings from all walks of life have reflected on how the mighty Wookiee touched their lives . And yet… many of the citizens do not realize the void left by Kirlocca's death. The Almas Academy is now without its primary lightsaber instructor, one of its two Jedi Masters.

Others, however, do realize and rejoice. In the darkest shadows of Cularin, there is celebration. With a mighty champion of light fallen, the cause of darkness may find its path a little easier…

Plot summaryEdit

A group of adventurers on Cularin are contacted by Jedi Master Devan For'deschel. She wants the group to travel to Ryloth and convince Twi'lek Jedi Master Vhiin'Thorla to return with the heroes to the Almas Academy to take up the position of lightsaber instructor left vacant by the death of Kirlocca. The heroes travel to the Ryloth city of Bashka, and begin tracking down the Jedi Master. In the popular cantina known as the Fungus Pit, the heroes take part in a fight with a group of slavers who try and take captive a number of the cantina's barmaids. Appreciating their help, one of the barmaids, Jacynith, decides to help the heroes. Thorla is her brother, so she leads the heroes out to where he is living in the Ryloth Barrens. There, Thorla has established an enclave for freed slaves. While the heroes try to persuade Thorla to leave, the enclave is attacked by slavers who had tracked Jacynith. Together, the slavers are successfully repelled, but it is apparent that the work Thorla is doing on Ryloth is very important. Consequently, the heroes return to Cularin without the Jedi Master.


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