"We didn't just break the Summit Class record; we absolutely destroyed it!"

Twilight Class was the name of one of the classes at the Galactic Outdoor Survival School.

The greatest class of the GOSS, Twilight Class finished their final test as Team 8 with mark time 103.7 hours - which broke the previous, seven-year-old record of Summit Class in more than one day. This earned them the respect of GOSS dean Barosa Warren, who offered one of the Twilight Class members a job as instructor at the GOSS. It also gave them a nemesis in the form of Lunkar An, a former Summit veteran who had seen his ego shaken.

However, soon afterwards, eleven of the twelve members of the Twilight Class joined the Rebel Alliance. Many of the Twilights became the infamous SpecForce Eclipse Team, which was hounded by different enemies (including An).

Barosa Warren also rejected them and became a threat to any of his former students who had joined the Rebel Alliance. Twilight Class member Kiras Torla, who never joined the Rebel Alliance, was so scared of Warren that she escaped to the Wild Space.




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