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"Darklighter, Klivian. Assemble your flyboys. I want that craft engaged."
Captain Heliesk[src]

Twilight Squadron was the name of the TIE/LN starfighter squadron based aboard Rand Ecliptic in the time prior to the Battle of Yavin. Its members included Delund, Peate Kurin, Tars Nandy and was commanded by First Mate Biggs Darklighter and Second Mate Derek Klivian. The squadron intercepted the civilian transport Lark in the Bestine system, resulting in the destruction of the ship by Nandy and the death of all its passengers.


Twilight Squadron makes their escape from the Rand Ecliptic.

Most of the squadron joined the Rebellion with the defection of Rand Ecliptic. Tars Nandy was arrested by Klivian for his implication in the destruction of the Lark. All of its TIEs were deliberately destroyed during the raid on the Incom Corporation assembly facility. They were modified in order to be controlled by astromech droids and used to lure the Imperial forces. The four pilots managed to eject before being pursued by Imperial TIE fighters but Kurin was accidentally killed and Hobbie lost a leg.

Two of its three surviving members, Darklighter and Klivian, later joined Red Squadron for the Battle of Yavin.


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