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Twin Suns Station, also known as Twin Sun Service Station and Twin Sun Station, was a service platform in the Garis sector's Roccus system, owned and operated by the Azzameen family and used by the family's shipping company Twin Suns Transport Services. Often, the family referred to the station as the "family repair yard".



Antan Azzameen watches from inside Twin Suns Station's command center.

Twin Suns Station was one of the principal business locations of the Azzameen-owned Twin Suns Transport Services company. Various vessels, such as MB-C1 medium transports, container transports or Action VI transports, were commonly seen using Twin Sun Station's facilities.[1]



Otana approaches Twin Suns Station.

Constructed by the Telgorn Corporation, the station combined elements of both the Telgorn shipyard and the Telgorn repair yard. It possessed drydock facilities for two large starships, as well as two pressurized hangars for smaller shuttlecraft, transports or utility craft.

Twin Suns Station was not armed with any offensive weaponry, though it was equipped with a moderately powerful shield. Because of the high volume of traffic passing through the station at any given time, Twin Sun Station used a pair of small sensor globes to monitor and allocate appropriate queuing slots for craft awaiting servicing.



The Otana flies through Twin Sun Station after a run-in with Imperial forces near Hoth.

Twin Sun Station had been part of the Azzameen family business since well before the Battle of Hoth.

When, against Antan's vehement advice, Tomaas and Galin Azzameen took a consignment of bacta in the family YT-2000 transport Otana to Echo Base on Hoth, they were caught in the sudden Imperial assault on that world. Suffering minor damage in a skirmish with TIE/LN starfighters launched from the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Corrupter, the Otana escaped into hyperspace. Unfortunately, Galin discovered that the damage was more severe than they initially thought, and that the resultant coolant leak meant than it would be prudent to stop at Twin Suns Station. However, Antan was unimpressed with their reckless behavior in contacting the Rebels, and refused to give preferential treatment to the Otana on the pretext that it would be bad for business to bump customers waiting for service. Tomaas and Galin were left with no choice but to return to Azzameen Home Base in their damaged condition.[1]

Later, following the apparent deaths of Tomaas and Galin and the branding of the Azzameen family as outlaws, Aeron and Ace Azzameen visited the station once more in order to retrieve some documents from a safe and a container of warheads before making their escape to the Outer Rim Territories. During their hurried visit, the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Furious arrived and launched fighters and boarding craft to seize the station.[1]



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