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The Twirrl was a carnivorous, mammalian falconid species, native to Naboo.

The Twirrl preyed upon plain-dwelling avians, small rodents, and Naboo's four-legged waterfowl. It could also handle prey surpassing its own size by 10 percent. Their diet was supplemented by berries. Keen eyesight, precision flying, and extraordinary diving speed made them favorites for sporting and hunting parties of the Human settlers. Twirrls were trained and used by Nabooian Human aristocracy for a recreational activity known as twirrling. It was known by experienced human hunters not to keep Greysors and Twirrls together, even if both were domesticated.

Males staked out territories in the spring and mated with any willing females that passed through. They emitted shrill territorial and mating calls. Females gave birth once or twice a year and served as sole caretakers of the young. Typical litters were three to four young, with maturity occurring at approximately four months.

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