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"Nowhere to run, boy."
―Twitch, to Wyl Lark[1]

Twitch was a human female soldier who served in the Rebel Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry, nicknamed Twilight Company during the Galactic Civil War. She was present with the company during its time on Bamayar and Dreivus. In 3 ABY, after the Imperial Governor Everi Chalis defected to Twilight Company, Twitch discussed the governor with a number of other soldiers over a game of cards at the company's clubhouse aboard its CR90 corvette, the Thunderstrike.

After Sergeant Maximian Ajax perished during a mission, Twitch eulogized the sergeant during his funeral. During Twilight Company's time on the planet Ankhural, Twitch had drinks with some other Twilight personnel following the funeral of Captain Micha Evon and told the others of an experience she had with the captain. When Twilight Company fought on the planet Mardona III, Twitch joined a death squad which took revenge on the killers of Sergeant Pol Andrissus.

When Twiligh company was stranded on the manufacturing world Sullust, Twitch and her squad joined acting captain Hazram Namir and two others in a mission to the capital city Pinyumb to find a local rebel cell. The group sneaked into the city and found the cell's safe house. However, they were attacked by stormtroopers, and Twitch split from Namir to try and save her squad. She was unable to save them, and returned to Twilight Company as it defended a facility from Imperial forces. She reunited with Namir and fought alongside him. After the battle ended, Twitch eventually played another game of cards with some other personnel.

The Alliance eventually became the New Republic, and around 5 ABY, Twitch served with Twilight Company on the planet Troithe, at one point encountering some Imperial guerrillas. After the Empire's 204th Imperial Fighter Wing routed the Twilight squads from their positions on Troithe, she rendezvoused at a speeder garage. The subsequent remnant of Twilight Company was taken charge of by Sergeant Carver, who held a meeting with Twitch and some other senior personnel. As a result of that meeting, the remnant set course for the continent Scar of Troithe.

The Twilight Company remnant traveled on a caravan of repulsorcraft through a tunnel network towards the Scar of Troithe. After an encounter with a 204th scout, Twitch suggested that the caravan park and fortify against reinforcements. Carver overruled their idea, and the remnant ultimately evaded the scout's squadron. After reaching the Scar of Troithe, the senior personnel had another meeting where they discussed the 204th's intentions with the nearby Core Nine mining megafacility and concluded that the facility was their next target.

The Twilight Company forces eventually attacked Core Nine, where Sergeants Twitch and Zab led forces inside the facility. Twitch's squads gained territory corridor by corridor, and the 204th eventually fled Core Nine on a bulk freighter after New Republic reinforcements joined the battle. Days later, Twitch joined the celebrations at the Raddakkia Plaza on Troithe, where she and others wagered on when the riots in the Old Skybottom District was to end.


Early service[]

"Came up to me on Bamayar. After we took that stinking port—"
"Chenodra. Came up to me during the cleanup. Thought I'd messed up bad, with what Ajax and me had done. Howl started talking about the buildings instead—something about the arches and columns."
―Twitch and Brand reflect on the events on Bamayar — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

During the Galactic Civil War, Twitch served as a soldier in the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire as part of its 61st Mobile Infantry, commonly known as Twilight Company. During the Alliance's Mid Rim Offensive,[2] which began around 1 ABY,[3] she served with the company on the[2] planet[4] Bamayar. Following the capture of the port Chenodra, Twitch was convinced that she had messed up following some actions with Sergeant Maximian Ajax. She was approached by Captain Micha Evon, nicknamed Howl, during the cleanup after Chenodra, who instead began talking to her about the arches and columns of the port. Twitch was also present when Twilight Company was on the astronomical body Dreivus.[2]

Stories in the clubhouse[]

Ajax: "Turns out Coyerti wasn't the only target this week. Rearguard actions across the board…Twenty-First was on Bestine. Bitter Pill Company was on some trash heap of a planet; lost their troop transport but got a replacement."
Gadren: "The it was coordinated? One last effort to allow the fleet to complete its withdrawal from the Mid Rim…"
Twitch: "Battleships aren't running fast enough? Toss your ground troops in the furnace. That'll fix 'em up."
―Ajax, Gadren and Twitch[2]

In 3 ABY,[3] Everi Chalis, the Imperial governor of the Mid Rim planet Haidoral Prime, defected to Twilight Company. Shortly after the company's departure from Haidoral Prime, Twitch played cards with Ajax and the two other soldiers, the ex-bounty hunter Brand and the Besalisk Gadren in the "clubhouse," a social crawlspace aboard Twilight Company's CR90 corvette, the Thunderstrike. When Twitch mentioned how the governor was working closely with Howl, Ajax coined with Gadren and the nearby soldier Roach on whether they would swing at Chalis. Twitch soon played a card which made the other players wince.[2]

As the players continued talking, Twitch laughed when Ajax insulted First Sergeant Hazram Namir, who also sat in the clubhouse. She then won the next round of the card game and Roach then revealed her grudge with Chalis, leaving the card players perplexed. Twitch raised on eyebrow but chose not to push for details from Roach. Ajax then proclaimed the next round winner to choose who tells their story of joining Twilight Company. The players proceeded to play the game and Ajax won, choosing Brand to tell her story.[2]

Following Twilight Company's campaign on the jungle planet Coyerti, a number of rearguard actions were announced to the Twilight Company personnel. Twitch was in the clubhouse shortly after, where Ajax went and asked Namir, who had recently been cleared from the medbay, about possible news on the Alliance's Sixty-Eighth Infantry. With Namir confused at why Ajax had asked, Twitch remarked that the first sergeant had been busy throwing up during the announcement. After Ajax updated Namir on the rearguard actions, which Gadren concluded was a coordinated effort to allow the Alliance Fleet to escape the Mid Rim. Twitch claimed that the rebel starships were moving too slow and joked about using ground troops as fuel.[2]

A friend lost[]

"Sergeant Maximian Ajax."
"Bleeding Roughneck till the end."
―Hober and Twitch during Ajax's funeral — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

A short while later, Twilight Company raided an Imperial heavy freighter. Ajax was killed in the fighting alongside the other seven rebel soldiers lost in the raid and all of them were given a funeral aboard the Thunderstrike. During the funeral, Quartermaster Hober, by tradition, called out Ajax's name and Twitch shoved her way to the front to give the sergeant's eulogy. She proclaimed Ajax a "Bleeding Roughneck" to the end, a reference to the sergeant's former Alliance unit, the Thirty-Second Infantry. In doing this, Twitch raised a dented and rusted blaster power pack, which was drained by Hober into the Thunderstrike's vehicle charging station.[2]

Twitch stumbled into the clubhouse shortly after the funeral, where someone blamed Ajax for the death of Fektrin, another sergeant lost in the raid. Twitch threw a punch in response, starting a fight where Roach held her back.[2]

Fight on Ankhural[]

"You heading into the city?"
"Hunting. Don't tell Twitch I finished a fight for her."
―Hazram Namir and Twitch[2]

Twilight Company soon took a large loss of leadership with the deaths of Howl and his senior officers aboard the Thunderstrike. The company took refuge on the pirate backwater planet Ankhural after to repair the corvette and its escort, the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise. A simple funeral eventually took place for Howl, and Twitch toasted the late captain with Namir, Gadren, Brand, the soldier Charmer and the pilot Nemenov at a cantina after. Twitch retold her experience with Howl on Bamayar, calling the captain a freak. As the conversation shifted, Twitch and Charmer told jokes among the rounds of drinks.[2]

A little while later, Twitch and a number of other Twilight personnel, including Jinsol and Maediyu, were randomly attacked by some individuals. The Twilight members returned to the rest of the company, Twitch being covered in others' blood. Brand suspected the attackers to be the "real powers" of Ankhural and chose to go hunting, asking Namir not to tell Twitch that the ex-bounty hunter had finished the soldier's fight for her.[2]

The campaign continues[]

"Twitch brought up Dreivus the other night."
―Gadren, to Hazram Namir[2]

Twilight Company eventually departed Ankhural to start Operation Ringbreaker, a campaign targeting multiple Imperial installations to force Imperial redeployments from the Kuat Drive Yards, the final target. The first target was the warehouse world Mardona III, where the company used housing block as a fallback point. One of Twitch's squad was caught stealing jewelry and credits from an abandoned residence, who Namir scolded publicly.[2] Twitch herself witnessed some locals fighting each other, which was not improved when some Twilight personnel intervened.[1]

After Charmer and two of his squad were killed in an ambush by an Imperial worm-like vehicle, Namir, who was assumed to be the captain, requested Twitch to join him and a death squad to get revenge on Charmer's killers. The death squad caught the crew of the vehicle upon disembarking, slaughtering them and wrecking the worm-like vehicle. Twilight Company departed Mardona III soon after. Later into Operation Ringbreaker, Twitch brought up Dreivus at the clubhouse one night shortly before the company stopped at the junk world Heap Nine.[2]


Mission into Pinyumb[]

"Why's it quiet?"
"The city is in lockdown. Typical procedure—it probably had been since we landed."
―Twitch and Everi Chalis[2]

Twilight Company later captured the Inyusu Tor mineral processing facility on the manufacturing planet Sullust. However, the Thunderstrike was shot down trying to extract the company from the surface, with the Apailana's Promise and its two X-wing starfighters fleeing. Namir led a rescue mission for the survivors and told Twitch after they had returned to the Inyusu Tor facility that the five unaccounted for from the rescue parties who did not make it back within a hour must be assumed dead.[2]

As Twilight Company fortified at the Inyusu Tor facility, Namir chose Twitch and the two remaining members of her squad to join him and Chalis on a mission to Sullust's capital city, Pinyumb, nearby to find the local rebel cell, the Sullustan resistance. The group climbed into an Imperial troop transport from the facility, being joined by Roach shortly before their departure. They then traveled down to the base of the Inyusu Tor mountain at which the facility was built upon. Twitch and the others then changed into civilian clothes, switched to concealable weapons, and deactivated their comlinks. The group sneaked through the Imperial perimeter around Inyusu Tor after, coming close to stormtroopers a number of times.[2]

Once past the Imperial blockades, Twitch and the others split into two teams of three and slipped aboard transports descending down to Pinyumb. When the group arrived at the city, Twitch questioned why the place was quiet, which Chalis replied that the place was had been in lockdown since Twilight Company had arrived on Sullust. Chalis led the others to a Sullustan resistance safe house, a former icehouse, which was listed in Howl's files. Twitch tampered with the control pad at the door to and opened it for the others. She then studied the dust on the floor, stating that someone had been there recently, Namir agreeing with her assessment.[2]


"What are you thinking?"
"My team. Still back there."
"Those two are dead. You are your team."
"Go to hell, Captain."
―Hazram Namir and Twitch[2]

The group decided to wait in the safe house for three hours in case a member of the Sullustan resistance appeared. In the meantime, Twitch's two squadmates went to scout the spaceport at Pinyumb. Twitch guarded the door to the safe house with Roach, who told the former about items she had seized from lockers at the Inyusu Tor facility. After half an hour, Namir replaced Roach and asked Twitch when the other soldier had gotten talkative. Twitch shrugged at the captain saying that soldier had attended the clubhouse more and involved herself with the card games there. Namir soon swapped with Roach again.[2]

Shortly after, one of Twitch's squad reported over their comlink that enemies were outside the safe house, warning the rebels inside to get out. Twitch opened the door to the safe house through the console and exited the building with Roach. Namir and Chalis followed, and Imperial stormtroopers fired at the stairway protruding from the alleyway to the safe house. Crouched on the stairs at the alley mouth, Twitch and Roach returned fire with their snub pistols, Twitch yelling words which were almost inaudible to Namir.[2]

Namir had Chalis and Roach rush to shelter with him and Twitch providing cover fire. She and Namir then ran across a street and into an alley while under fire. The pair stopped at a stone building and Twitch peered back towards the safe house, telling Namir she would catch up with him. When the captain asked what she was thinking, she wished to go back for her squad mates. Namir claimed that the two were dead, but Twitch told him to go to hell, charging back into the fray.[2]

Return to the company[]

"I'm not sorry. Had to go back after my team."
"Forget it. How'd you even get back?"
"What's Twilight Company do best?"
―Twitch and Hazram Namir[2]

Twitch was unable to save her two squadmates, but managed to find her way back to Twilight Company at the Inyusu Tor facility, where Namir, Roach and Chalis had since returned. By this time Sullust's local Imperial forces were attacking the company at the facility, backed by the[2] Imperial II-class Star Destroyer[5] Herald. Twitch skulked among the defending ranks when Namir came across her. She told the captain she was not sorry for going for her squadmates. When Namir asked how she had survived the stormtroopers, to which she brought up the Twilight Company's motto, "Twilight survives."[2]

As the defense continued, the Apailana's Promise returned with its X-wings and distracted the Herald. As Namir had squads advance to halt the Imperial advance, he found himself beside Twitch as they fired at stormtroopers. The captain briefly looked to the Promise and X-wing fighting with the Herald and remarked that it would be embarrassing if the vessels survived longer than the company at the facility, Twitch finishing his sentence. The Star Destroyer later suffered a power surge from internal sabotage and withdrew from Sullust. Twilight Company defeated the ground forces soon after, Pinyumb also falling from Imperial control after an uprising.[2]

Twilight Company began a cleanup at the battlefield, as well as keeping peace at Pinyumb. Following the funeral for the personnel who had died on Sullust, Twitch, Brand, Gadren, and Commander Tohna found a deck of cards and played at a cantina. During the game, Tohna invited Namir, who sat nearby, to join in. When the captain declined, and Twitch snickered when Brand indirectly referenced that he did not know how to play. After Brand explained this to Tohna, Namir claimed that he did know how to play, and Twitch burst out laughing.[2]

Fighting on Troithe[]

On the offensive[]

"Be charming. You get shot down, you're going to need these people."
―Nath Tensent advises Wyl Lark to be polite to Twitch and the other infantry[1]

In 4 ABY, the Alliance transitioned into the New Republic following a major victory over the Empire.[6] Twilight Company, Twitch included, continued to serve with the New Republic and joined General Hera Syndulla's Barma Battle Group in a campaign in the Cerberon system[1] around 5 ABY.[7] Residing on Syndulla's flagship, the Acclamator-class transgalactic military assault ship Lodestar, the company fought through the city districts on the planet Troithe. During the campaign, Twitch, who was by that point a sergeant, at one point knifed some Imperial guerrillas in an alleyway.[1]

Sometime after, she was at Twilight Company's camp in the landed Lodestar's when some pilots from the New Republic's Alphabet Squadron passing by were greeted by Sergeant Carver. Twitch brought up her encounter with the guerrillas when two of the pilots, Wyl Lark and Nath Tensent, stayed to converse with the soldiers.[1]

Hiding away[]

"If the locals are slaughtering one another our odds of doing good by getting in the middle are piss poor. Remember Switchmount?"
"Or Mardona."
"Thank you, Twitch."
―Carver and Twitch[1]

Later into the campaign, the Empire's 204th Imperial Fighter Wing arrived at the Cerberon system and devastated the New Republic's fleet at the system, destroying the Lodestar. The fighter wing then attacked Twilight Company's positions at Troithe's city districts, forcing the squads from their positions. Twitch and her squad fled to a three story speeder garage in the Highgarden District, where Carver and numerous other fleeing New Republic personnel had rendezvoused.[1]

While the personnel waited at the garage for more stragglers, a riot raged nearby. Carver shut down a soldier who suggested intervening in the chaos, citing Twilight Company's experiences on the terrestrial astronomical object Switchmount. Twitch, who was bundled under some torn blankets in a corner, mentioned Mardona as another example, which Carver thanked her for.[1]

Emergency meeting[]

"We have one report of TIEs heading offworld. We couldn't confirm it. Still, it's possible they're spreading through the whole system."
"Who cares? We're grounded. [To Lark and Tensent] Unless you're going somewhere?"
―Lien Toob and Twitch[1]

Carver held a meeting the next day with the senior personnel in the Twilight Company remnant at the garage, which included Twitch, a number of squad commanders and representatives, and Lark and Tensent, who had been separated from their squadron. With Namir and half of Twilight Company stranded offworld, Carver assumed command of the company's remnant at the speeder garage. Others in the meeting objected, but Carver continued, advising the attendees to give an overview of what the remnant had to work with. Twitch chimed in, informing the others that one of her squad had only a knife.[1]

As the subject of the meeting moved to the tactical situation, the Sullustan Lien Toob discussed the possibility of the 204th spreading through the Cerberon system. Twitch denied that it mattered unless Lark and Tensent were flying offworld as the rest of the remnant was grounded. With the attendees then discussing the plan of action for the remnant, Lark suggested retreating, and Twitch snickered, telling him that there was nowhere to run. After the pilot justified his argument, the meeting attendees talked about the idea of fleeing to the Scar of Troithe, a mined out continent on Troithe, and securing a fallback position at the resident Core Nine mining megafacility.[1]

Twitch showed disinterest in the conversation until the squad commander Junior raised the question of the remnant travelling to the Scar of Troithe. The sergeant called Junior's idea a "death march" and claimed that it would kill her squad. Tensent then proposed making a make-shift squadron out of Twilight personnel with some airborne experience, with Carver agreeing with the pilot's idea.[1]

Traversing tunnels[]

"We could park down here, fortify and prepare. Get all crushed when the foe drops one bomb, but we'd be fortified and prepared for it."

The Twilight Company remnant left the Highgarden District and descended into a tunnel network under Troithe's surface which connected to the Scar of Troithe. While the ground personnel traveled in repulsorcraft, Lark and Tensent, flying their respective starfighters, led their new squadron, whose new pilots flew airspeeders and an Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighter. During the remnant's travels through the tunnels, a TIE fighter from the 204th came across the caravan, but soon perished during a face off with Lark.[1]

In the wake of the encounter with the 204th scout, the senior personnel held a meeting over comm. Twitch suggested parking the caravan and fortifying against Imperial reinforcements. She then laughed at her own idea, predicting that the fighter wing would drop a bomb and crush the remnant. Carver, though, decided that the caravan was to keep moving. The scout's squadron eventually found the remnant, but was unable to successfully pursue the New Republic forces.[1]

Plan of action[]

"So it's conceivable that our enemies—the same boys and girls who wiped out one world already, who blew up the Lodestar, and who've got a reputation for nastiness and scheming—want to pick up and leave. It's also conceivable that they're looking into cut their losses and fry the whole planet."
"Conceivable it could be both."
―Carver and Twitch[1]

The caravan reached the Scar of Troithe, where the remnant hid away in a ravine, learning in the meantime that the 204th had occupied the Core Nine facility for itself. The senior personnel again held a meeting on their situation. Twitch, who was cleaning her assault rifle, muttered that the fighter wing were not looking for the remnant, Carver backing the idea that the New Republic forces were no longer the 204th's top priority. As the meeting attendees then discussed the fighter wing's intentions with Core Nine, Junior deduced from the information on the mining facility and Troithe's mineral composition that the facility may be used to destroy the entire planet, Twitch inquiring whether he meant the whole planet.[1]

Lark weighed evidence on whether the 204th would want to destroy Troithe, listing the fighter wing preventing the incineration of the planet Pandem Nai as an argument against the aforementioned potential atrocity. After the pilot favor this point as the most recent, Twitch called his faith uninspiring. As the meeting split into several discussions, Twitch, Carver and the Houk Jorgatha sketched plans for an assault on the Core Nine facility, arguing whether a frontal attack was necessary.[1]

Lark soon coined the idea that the 204th was trying to escape Troithe. Twitch asked him what the fighter wing would be trying to escape. The pilot suggested that the fighter wing was trapped on Troithe as well and so Carver concluded that it was conceivable that the 204th either intended to leave the planet or blow it up. Twitch added that both options could take place together. Carver came to the conclusion that the Core Nine facility was the remnant's new target and Twitch stated that Lark and Tensent's squadron better be ready for the attack.[1]

Siege of Core Nine[]

"Combat-rated ground forces should proceed to sections one-alpha and one-gamma immediately. Use all necessary firepower to stop the New Republic infantry; our squadrons will cut off reinforcements outside."
―Soran Keize of the 204th gives orders to stop Twitch and Zab's soldiers[1]

The remnant soon learned that the entirety of the 204th was diverting to Core Nine and Carver formulated a plan to promptly attack the facility. As Lark's squadron engaged the fighter wing's squadrons in the air, the Twilight Company forces rushed Core Nine on the ground. Advancing across open terrain, Twitch and a fellow sergeant named Zab led squads inside of Core Nine through a gap in the duracrete walls. While Zab's men rushed the defenders, Twitch's assault amounted to securing territory corridor by corridor.[1]

Later into the battle, New Republic reinforcements led by Syndulla arrived. The 204th escaped aboard a bulk freighter from Core Nine, allowing the New Republic forces to claim victory over the battlefield. Days after, the soldiers and other New Republic personnel to celebrate at Troithe's Raddakkia Plaza. At one point, Twitch wagered on when the rioting at the Old Skybottom District ended with Vitale and Denish Wraive, two pilots from Lark's squadron. Lark himself attempted to include Chass na Chadic, one of his comrades in Alphabet Squadron, but was unsuccessful.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Good thing they're not actually looking for us."
―Twitch mutters about the 204th[1]

A human female, Twitch sometimes muttered and mumbled remarks in conversations,[2][1] shrugging in her responses from time to time. When was sharp and bitter when eulogizing the late Maximian Ajax. After another individual later blamed Ajax for Fektrin's death, Twitch scuffled with that person. When retelling her experience with Howl on Chenodra after the captain's funeral, Twitch called him a freak and expressed her lack of care for what Howl had told her about. She also made jokes which Hazram Namir found filthy. When arriving to the Sullustan resistance safe house, Twitch made a triumphant noise when successfully opening the door to the former icehouse. She was also able to identify evidence that the safe house had a recent visitor.[2]

After the group were attacked by stormtroopers, Twitch was determined to try and save her two squadmates, despite Namir's insistence that the pair were dead. Twitch felt no sorrow for abandoning the captain and telling him to go to hell. While the Apailana's Promise engaged the Herald above Inyusu Tor, she agreed with Namir that it would be embarrassing if the Braha'tok-class gunship survived longer than Twilight Company. After the captain refused to join a card game after the battle, Twitch snickered when Brand referenced his lack of knowledge in the game. She then burst out laughing when Namir denied this.[2]

On Troithe, Twitch had a jittery impression on Nath Tensent and was found rude and mean-spirited by Wyl Lark. When Lien Toob suspected the 204th was spreading through the Cerberon during Carver's meeting, Twitch asked who cared as the majority of the Twilight Company remnant was grounded and gave a nasty smile when referring to Lark and Tensent. After Lark suggested retreating, she snickered when telling him there was nowhere to run. As the conversations continued, Twitch was disinterested until Junior brought up transporting the remnant. She called his idea a "death march" in a vicious manner.[1]

After the remnant encountered a 204th scout in the tunnel system under Troithe's surface, Twitch laughed at her suggestion of parking in the tunnels, stating that the New Republic personnel would be crushed from a bomb explosion. During the meeting in the Scar of Troithe, Twitch payed the majority of her attention to cleaning her assault rifle, remarking that the 204th were not trying to find the remnant as the fighter wing's presence was lacking. Junior's suggestion that the 204th might want to destroy Troithe distracted her from her weapon, though, prompting her to seek clarity from the fellow squad leader.[1]


Twitch used a assault rifle and a comlink during her time on Sullust[2] and Troithe.[1] In the mission to Pinyumb on Sullust, she dressed in civilian clothes, including boots and a vest, and carried a snub pistol as it was concealable.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Twitch first appeared in the 2015 novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.[2]


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