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Two for One is a short story written by Paul Danner that was originally published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 15 by West End Games in November 1997.

Plot summary[]

Cryle Cavv and his nephew Sienn Sconn are meeting at the Stock Lights cantina which is owned by Cavv. The older thief is trying to convince his nephew to join him in a plot to capture the Super Star Destroyer Guardian. Cavv notices that they are being eavesdropped on by a Mixtwirk and a Rodian. Cavv grabs the antennae of the Mixtwirk while Sconn aims his wrist laser at the Rodain. Cavv pays for their meal and throws them out of his establishment to avoid a fight. He persuades his nephew to meet with General Airen Cracken to discuss the mission.

At the briefing, Cracken gives the two thieves all the information the New Republic has on the Guardian. He explains it took damage at the Battle of Tantive V and that military believes the hyperdrive was damaged and is inoperative. Cracken spontaneously creates the New Republic Special Acquisitions Unit and places Cavv in charge with Sconn as the sole member of the team. The general explains that New Republic probe droids have identified several Lambda-class shuttles that belonged to the Guardian have appeared in Imperial space looking for hyperdrive parts for large capital ships. Cavv reveals that his sources have uncovered a meeting between a notorious black-market dealer named Burgo Teage and several Imperials looking to procure hyperdrive components. The meeting is to take place on Vohai on the Vohai Unirail. Cracken purchases two tickets and sends the thieves into action.

Cavv and Sconn board Corellian Translines SV-45 to Vohai. Once there, they board the unirail and make their way to the dining/casino car to wait for Teage. When the Herglic arrived, Cavv concocted a plan to get Teage drunk on Tatooine Sunburns while Sconn went to check out the black marketer's suite. Upon entering the suite, he was attacked by Teage's Reigat assistance Gronk. Sconn disabled the henchman by striking him in the head with his stun-staff, breaking it in the attack.

Cavv plied Teage with multiple drinks. When the Herglic was too intoxicated to make it it back to his room, the thief offered to escort him. He proceeded to stash the unconscious Herglic in a frozen seafood compartment and continued onto the meeting in Teage's suite. He entered to find his nephew recovering from the fight with Gronk. They hid his body in a closet and cleaned up in preparation for the Imperial's arrival. Shortly after the Imperials arrived, Teage recovered enough to make his way back to the suite. He interrupted the meeting at the same time Gronk's barely conscious form fell out of the closet. The Imperials realized they were being setup and started shooting. After the firefight, Sconn suggested without the Imperials to fly the shuttle, the thieves should give up on their plan. Cavv suggested they emulate the Endor strike team and use the Imperial shuttle themselves to sneak upon the Guardian. Sconn refused to go along with his uncle, who sadly told the younger man to go home. Sconn had a change of mind and surprised his uncle by boarding the shuttle before Cavv could prepare for departure.

Arriving at Soullex, the shuttle was hailed by the Guardian. Cavv disabled the comm unit with a couple of blaster shots, and the shuttle was towed inside the hangar. Meanwhile, a major on the Guardian's command deck contacted Admiral Gaen Drommel to inform him of the shuttle's arrival. The admiral was incensed at being disturbed despite his orders and went to the bridge. When the major did not understand why he was being reprimanded, the admiral shot him.

After being towed into the Guardian, Cavv and Sconn stunned the stormtroopers who came to investigate the shuttle. They stowed their bodies in a compartment, took their armor, and hid in a room off the hangar to get into disguise. They were discovered by CT-EX, but Cavv got the droid under control before it could raise an alarm.

Admiral Drommel joined the team searching the shuttle and saw the stunned stormtroopers being discovered. When Colonel Gastos Niovi started to order a full search of the Star Destroyer, Drommel belayed that order. He deduced that the intruders would be wearing the armor of the stormtroopers who initially boarded the shuttle.

Cavv told Sconn that CT-EX informed him that New Republic prisoners were being held in Detention Block 220 and they should rescue them so they could assist with the capture of the Guardian. Sconn couldn't believe they were going to the detention block, but Cavv assured him that it would be the last place the Imperials would expect intruders to go. They disabled the duty officer and searched the cells.

Admiral Drommel was informed by a senior tech that the hyperdrive parts were good and estimated they could have the hyperdrive up and running in 48 hours. Drommel demanded that it be repaired in 36 hours. After the tech left, Niovi informed the admiral that they still hadn't found the intruders, but Colonel Eijul was optimistic that it wouldn't be long before they were captured.

Cavv located a half dozen New Republic soldiers who had been captured when their ship came out of hyperspace near the Guardian. He convinced them that he was part of the New Republic and freed them. Sconn discovered that his former girlfriend Shandria L'hnnar was also being held captive. Sconn tried to talk to her, but she told him that this was not a good time to discuss their feelings. Cavv gathered all the New Republic personnel and explained his plan of going to the Guardian's engineering room to attempt to take manual control of the hyperdrive. He planned on programming a quick jump to friendly space without having to fight their way to the bridge. Before leaving, he contacted CT-EX over comlink and made sure the droid would carry out its part of the plan. They made their way to the engineering room, where Sconn stunned the tech working on the hyperdrive. He guarded the remaining techs as Cavv attempted to reprogram the hyperdrive. However, he was unable to and set off a tamper alarm. Before the thieves could do anything, they were captured by Drommel and a group of stormtroopers and navy troopers. The two thieves were taken to interrogation by Drommel. He threatened to torture the men to get answers. Cavv inundated the Admiral with small talk and chatter until the Imperial was so irritated that he had the two thieves sent to a detention cell. As they were being escorted there, L'hnnar joined the procession disguised as a major who redirected the group to Detention Block 220, where the Imperials were placed into custody and their weapons were redistributed to the New Republic soldiers.

CT-EX made his way to the auxiliary hyperdrive controls and bluffed his way past the guard. He reprogrammed the jump coordinates in the hyperdrive shortly before Drommel ordered it to be tested. When the Admiral had the hyperdrive engaged, the Super Star Destroyer jumped into a New Republic ambush. A small fleet, led by the New Republic cruiser Equity, pummeled the Guardian with ion cannons. Captain Volahn contacted the Imperial ship and ordered them to surrender. Drommel was enraged and started to order a counter-attack when Cavv and the other New Republic operatives entered the bridge. He and Sconn both attempted to convince the admiral to surrender peacefully but Drommel ordered all Imperials to open fire. Before a conflict could start, Niovi shot and killed the admiral, taking command of the Guardian. As acting commanding officer, he formally surrendered the ship to the New Republic.

After the mission, Cavv, Sconn and L'hnnar went to Cavv's apartment for a celebratory dinner. Cavv asked Sconn if he would be taking over the SAU since the older man had decided to retire. Sconn refused to work for the government, preferring life as a freelancer. He and L'hnnar reaffirmed their love for each other.


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