"We're hemorrhaging lives. The Empire is fighting less like the Empire and more like an insurgent force, Admiral. They take risks. They sacrifice their soldiers. It's pandemonium but they seem to be using it to their advantage and not their detriment."
―Tyben to Gial Ackbar during the Battle of Jakku[src]

Tyben was a general in the New Republic, and one of its best military strategists. He coordinated ground forces during the Battle of Jakku while stationed on Chandrila.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"I should be there."
"You are best on Chandrila, kept at a distance."
―Tyben and Gial Ackbar[src]

A male serving in the New Republic, General Tyben was considered one of its best military strategists. He also had oversight of New Republic Special Forces, and was able to give commandos the stamp of approval for returning to combat.[1]

He participated in the Battle of Jakku from afar, coordinating ground forces led by Lieutenant General Brockway from a safe distance on Chandrila, although his remove from the theater of war rankled him. Nonetheless, his forces slowly pushed the enemy back, and planned to advance on their base by nightfall. During the conflict, Tyben reported in to Fleet Admiral Gial Ackbar via hologram, informing him of the many Republic lives lost, and the ferocious, chaotic tactics employed by the Galactic Empire. He also bemoaned not being present on Jakku, though Ackbar cut the communication short.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Tyben was a pale-skinned male with a bald head that was compared to the square shape of an ice cube. He had narrow shoulders. Tyben was one of the New Republic's best military strategists, and preferred to be in the thick of fighting, rather than operating from a distance.[1]

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