Tyed Kant was an inhabited gas giant[2] in the Core Worlds,[1] near Demophon. It was the only planet in the Kantel system.[2]


Tyed Kant had a small habitable zone in the upper atmosphere where the air is breathable. This discovery led to the manufacturing of floating ranches, supported by repulsorlift generators, to take advantage of the fertile atmosphere. These floating ranches covered half the visible surface of the planet. Even in the habitable zone Tyed Kant's atmosphere contained a mix of many elements. The result was a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. Because of this environment suits were recommended at all times, despite the air being capable of sustaining humanoid life. The most visible native species were the Iagoin, semi-intelligent creatures that floated among the gaseous clouds.[2]


Seeking freedom, it seceded from the Galactic Republic shortly before the Clone Wars, only to be taken over by the Commerce Guild.[4] It was the headquarters of Imperial Meats and Produce.[5]


Nearly all of the inhabitants of Tyed Kant lived in Paragon, a hovering disk-shaped, skyscraper-riddled metropolis. The planet's primary export was its aeroponically-grown foodstuffs, primarily for the nearby Demophon system. As the predicted Demophon supernova drew closer, however, the people of Tyed Kant became increasingly desperate to find new markets.[2]

For about 30 days a year the planet passed through the belts of stellar debris in the Kantel system. During this period no crops were grown, the spaceport was closed to all but emergency personnel, protective deflector shields were raised, and the whole planet enjoyed an extended holiday known as the Starlight Festival.[2]



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