"Annihilation seemed so certain. If there'd been a shred of hope... I might have held on."
―Tyler Lucian[src]

Tyler Lucian was a male Human who served as a member of the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.


Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, Lucian was stationed at the Yavin Base. Fearing the destruction of Yavin with the arrival of the first Death Star, Lucian fled. After the victory at Yavin IV, a shamed Lucian fled the Alliance and hid on the planet Centares. The Alliance put a price on his head for desertion. Lucian was tracked down by Beilert Valance and Darth Vader.

Valance was a bounty hunter who hated robots though circumstances had led him to become a cyborg himself. C-3PO, however, had convinced him that life as a cyborg might be worth living if the Rebellion succeeded and Valance had gone after Lucian to stop him revealing information about Luke Skywalker.

Vader still did not know the name of the Rebel who had destroyed the Death Star; he knew only that he knew was strong with the Force. He hoped to gain the name from Lucian, but Valance was determined to stop him.

During the fight on Centares, Valance defiantly told Vader that delaying the Sith Lord for just a short while would give his prey (Luke Skywalker) more time to grow, master the Force and ultimately defeat him. Vader killed Valance but, moved by his speech, Lucian redeemed himself by jumping into the caustic waters of Rubyflame Lake rather than betray the Alliance.



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