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"I've been to Tynna. It's one of the most beautiful worlds in the Expansion Region. And the Tynnans are probably one of the most well-informed and well-intentioned species anywhere."
Belindi Kalenda[src]

Tynnans were a sentient species native to the Expansion Region planet Tynna. Having evolved from water mammals, they were covered in brown fur and a thick layer of insulating blubber, which allowed them to swim comfortably in the cold oceans of their homeworld. This gave the Tynnans a rounded appearance which, combined with their short stature, made them appear cute and pudgy to many species. They had dark noses, poor eyesight, and pointed ears. Their muzzles sported two buckteeth, although these evolutionary holdovers shortened with each succeeding generation. Tynnans were an intelligent and pragmatic race, renowned for their patient planning. Their system of government was unusual in that their officials were chosen by lottery; consequently, most Tynnans kept themselves well informed on civics and other pertinent issues in case of election to office. This was particularly important as their economy was government-run.

The Tynnans were discovered by Galactic Republic scouts and integrated into galactic society. While allowing Republic economic and corporate development, the Tynnans were careful to ensure it proceeded with full environmental safeguards, leaving the natural beauty of their world largely unscathed. The Tynnan government shrewdly reinvested all profits into society, and Tynna grew to be one of the more affluent per capita worlds in the Republic. During the Clone Wars, a suspected terrorist attack on their homeworld involving stone mites prompted the Tynnans to secede from the Republic. Tynna later rejoined the Republic, but their careful management of resources upset the Imperial governor appointed to their world, following the Republic's transformation into the Galactic Empire. The Empire eventually attempted to invade Tynna, but a substantial planetary shield, presciently installed, protected Tynna from attack. They were later invaded and conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong during the Yuuzhan Vong War in 26 ABY, and their planet was terraformed. Following the Yuuzhan Vong's defeat, at least one Tynnan diplomat worked with the New Republic's successor state, the Galactic Alliance.

Tynna's affluence allowed many Tynnans to travel offworld. Two such individuals were Cham and Nog Teleus, who settled in the Cularin system and sponsored various events there. Also of note was Senator Streamdrinker, arrested for treason against the Empire. A famous Tynnan in the private sector was Odumin, who rose to the influential post of Territorial Administrator for the Corporate Sector Authority. Less well known was the Tynnan Dawson, who worked as a professional thief in the galactic underworld.

Biology and appearance[]

"My appearance, admittedly, is not one to inspire confidence or awe."

A pair of Tynnans

The Tynnans were small, sentient mammals that averaged 1.4 meters in height. They had two arms and two legs. On land, they walked upright on their legs, but they were also deft swimmers. They were covered in brown fur and a thick layer of blubber that served as insulation against the cold waters of their homeworld of Tynna;[1] they were comfortable with temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius.[4] This insulation gave them a pudgy form that many species viewed as cute. However, their substantial strength, stamina, and intelligence belied this unassuming appearance.[2] At least one Tynnan was Force-sensitive.[5]

Each Tynnan had a short snout that ended in whiskers, a dark nose, and two large buckteeth. These incisors were an evolutionary holdover from ancestors who gnawed wood to build river dams; the species had long ceased this behavior by the time of the Galactic Civil War, so each succeeding generation grew shorter teeth.[2] Tynnans had small black eyes[3] and poor eyesight,[2] which they compensated for with ocular enhancers[6] and excellent natural hearing and smell.[3] Tynnans uttered a cheeping noise when in pain.[7]

Tynnans were able to hold their breath for long periods, enabling them to spend nearly as much time in water as on land.[3] As such, many settlements were near water, including Water Park[3] and Lutris Lake,[8] and Tynnans played games such as water-wall.[6] Their paws—five-digit hands and three-digit feet—had both claws and webbing, and they had long, rudder-like tails.[6] There were two Tynnan sexes: male and female.[2]

Society and culture[]

"There's really only one way for Tynnans to deal with the misperceptions others perpetuate. Rather than take offense at their short-sightedness, we should use it to our advantages."

Two Tynnans and a H'drachi

Tynnans were a pragmatic race. They shied away from religion and mythology, which they believed often led to conflict. They were meticulous planners who gave attention to the smallest detail; these plans were then carried out with great enthusiasm and dynamism.[2]

For thousands of years, the Tynnans selected their government representatives based on a planet-wide lottery. Their leaders then served for one year, after which they were ineligible for reselection for the next six years.[9] The government was run from the Tynna Central Government Building prior to 22 BBY,[8] and later from the Tanallay Surge complex legislative and recreational complex. Due to the random nature of selection, most Tynnans pragmatically kept abreast of political and governmental issues in case they were called upon to serve in the legislature.[3] Occasionally, however, as in the case of Dawson, Tynnans rejected this system. An impulsive and carefree youth, Dawson fled the planet after being selected in the lottery.[6]

Tynnan society operated a state-run economy, and the government fed all industrial profits back into society. This funding provided all Tynnans with complementary housing, education, food, and entertainment.[2] However, many chose to boost their living standards by devoting themselves to the arts and sciences[9] or by hunting the native suuri that formed a staple of their diet.[3] The Tynnans developed their economic structures and state infrastructure with the Republic conglomerates and carefully protected their environment such that it was largely unsoiled by development.[2] All Tynnans were equal before the law, and their society put significant effort into facilitating the ability of individuals to pursue their own interests. This was tempered with an emphasis on taking responsibility for one's own actions.[9]

Because of the thick fur that covered them, Tynnans typically did not wear clothing. They did, however, wear belts with numerous pouches in which to carry items.[10] Tynnans had their own language, but were known to speak Basic as well.[3]


Discovery and early history[]

"This is obviously an act of terrorism. What did the Republic do to stop this? Where are our Jedi? That's it for Tynna. I'll be contacting Count Dooku once we can establish new government headquarters somewhere."

Tynnans were known for their small stature and unassuming appearance

The Tynnan homeworld, an arboreal world,[11] lying in a sheltered corner of the Expansion Region, was discovered by Republic scouts[3] during the Great Manifest Period between 20,000 BBY and 15,000 BBY.[12] Tynna was located on a stable hyperlane that came to be known as the Shipwrights' Trace.[12] After negotiations with the shrewd Tynnans, the Republic commenced full-scale corporate development of the world, careful to protect its natural beauty. The Tynnan share of the resulting profits was reinvested into society, and, per capita, Tynna became one of the more affluent worlds in the Republic.[3] Tynna stayed within the Republic through the Great Sith War,[12] but was part of a small region of the Trailing Sectors captured by Darth Revan's Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War of 3959 BBY to 3956 BBY.[12] Tynna was reintegrated into the Republic, where it remained during the New Sith Wars.[12] Sometime during Tynna's membership in the Republic, a collection of Sith materials was hidden on the planet, to be later uncovered by the Jedi Order in the process of preventing the rising of a Sith cult.[13]

From Republic to Empire[]

Dawson, demolition extraordinaire

The Tynnan government became a key business partner in the Corporate Sector[14] following its establishment in 500 BBY.[12] In 22 BBY, the Clone Wars began: a massive galactic conflict between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Tynna was targeted by the Confederacy as one of several worlds with dissatisfied alien populations—others included Ando and Sy Myrth.[12] That year, Tynna was subjected to a suspected terrorist attack: within the space of two hours, the Tynna Central Government Building had been completely destroyed by an infestation of stone mites. Disgusted by the lack of Republic and Jedi prevention of the incident, the recently selected planetary leader Razelfiin declared her intention to contact Count Dooku and quit the Republic.[8] While Tynna seceded from the Republic shortly thereafter,[15] they returned to the Republic prior to the end of the war,[16] with their governmental representative, Senator Streamdrinker, serving in the Galactic Senate until 19 BBY.[17]

Following the Republic victory over the Confederacy and the subsequent transition to the Galactic Empire, Tynna was appointed an Imperial governor. With little respect for their systems, the Governor was determined to increase the profit-producing capacity of the Tynnans and pressured the legislature into capitulating to his goals. Despite their accommodation, the governor was not satisfied.[9] The Empire eventually launched a full-scale invasion of the planet. Tynnan foresight, however, had predicted such a move: an impenetrable planetary shield allowed them to resist the invasion and protect their planet from conquest.[2] At one point, the Alliance to Restore the Republic considered establishing a base on the planet, but ultimately rejected the location in favor of Yavin 4.[18] The Hutt Borga Besadii Diori ran spice through Tynna, overseen by her agent Crev Bombaasa.[19]

Later history[]

Two Tynnans with Imperial agents

Tynna later joined the New Republic, and from 7 ABY to 9 ABY, it was one of several New Republic strongholds.[12] During the New Republic's rule, the renowned geneticist Mammon Hoole included an entry on the Tynnans in his publication The Essential Guide to Alien Species.[2] During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Tynna fell to a Yuuzhan Vong force composed of several warships. While the Battle of Tynna was observed by some New Republic Intelligence officers, there was nothing they could do to prevent the planet's fall; the Tynnan defense force numbered no more than 200 starfighters and quickly fell to the invaders.[19] With the space battle lost, members of the Peace Brigade managed to trick the Tynnans into giving up the world without a shot fired.[14] A group of 200 Tynnans met the Yuuzhan Vong landing forces outside the Tanallay Surge complex to surrender the planet. The conquerors swiftly set about bioforming the planet's oceans. The blue waters turned a sickly pale yellow and were prepared to grow dovin basals[19] and communications villips[15] for use in later stages of the Yuuzhan Vong conquest. The Yuuzhan Vong also forced Tynnans into slave camps to reeducate and train them as caretakers for the growths.[19] Dovin basals from Tynna were later used in the conquest of Caluula Station.[20] Those Tynnans that managed to escape their planet joined the already large numbers of galactic refugees in the Republic, and their particular experiences at the hands of the invaders further heightened refugee fears. This gave the Senate Select Committee for Refugees new impetus to establish safe corridors and transit points.[14]

The Yuuzhan Vong were eventually defeated in 29 ABY by the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, a coalition of polities that replaced the New Republic.[12] The Tynnans had diplomatic representation with the Galactic Alliance;[21] however, following the Alliance's defeat, Tynna was part of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire.[12]

Tynnans in the galaxy[]

"Move your tail, Dawson! Noone wants us back at the ship."
Kels Turkhorn[src]

A Tynnan

Bowspritz was a Tynnan Jedi Master active some time before the Ruusan Reformation.[5] Due to the wealth of their planet and the state-run economy, many Tynnans were free to travel the galaxy as tourists;[3] two such Tynnans who settled offworld were Cham and Nog Teleus. Around 29 BBY, they moved to the Cularin system after making fortunes working in industry. The pair hosted a large celebration to mark the 125th anniversary of the Cularin Compact, during which some of their artworks were stolen. The recovery of the items eventually led to the rescue of Jedi Knight Ji-Ad Sarain, who had been frozen in carbonite.[22] Another notable Tynnan during this period was Senator Streamdrinker, who served in the Senate as a result of his election by lottery[17] and was a signatory on the Petition of 2000—a group of senators urging the Supreme Chancellor to give up some of the emergency powers granted him for the duration of the Clone Wars. This political association later led to his arrest by Imperial Intelligence as one of sixty-three senators charged with conspiracy and treason in relation to the Jedi Insurgency. Along with peers such as Senators Grebleips and Fang Zar, Streamdrinker was held in custody and encouraged to name his accomplices.[23]

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Tynnan Odumin attained the powerful post of Territorial Administrator in the Corporate Sector Authority. He received his promotion after an undercover mission in which he saved the life of High Inquisitor Laddinare Torbin from an attack by the religious cult known as the Church of the First Frequency. Following his promotion, he kept his identity as a Tynnan a secret, and so was able to continue on undercover missions. In this role, he cracked numerous slaving and criminal operations in the Corporate Sector, such as the Xiochi slaver gang. On one notable undercover mission, he posed as a debt collector named Spray. Working alongside Han Solo, he managed to stop a highly placed slaver ring.[1] Odumin later released his memoirs[2] and was regarded as a hero on his homeworld.[1] Many Tynnans were encouraged by his success to take more active roles in the galaxy.[16]

A less auspicious Tynnan was the professional thief and demolitions expert Dawson. Having spent eighteen years free of responsibility on Tynna, he was selected in the lottery to fill a role in the Tynnan government. Horrified at the prospect, he fled and eventually joined up with Cecil Noone and his crew of professional thieves. Dawson brought his demolitions skills to their tasks, most notably in the heist of a Hapan Gun of Command from the Ithorian Herdship Song of the Clouds.[6] The team struggled to find a buyer for their unique item and was forced to approach the dangerous Krish hunter Tyro Viveca. This contact turned the tables on Noone, hunting the thief in his compound on Kabal. It was only Dawson's demolitions skills that enabled the team of thieves to defeat Viveca and escape the planet.[7]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, a number of Tynnans escaped the slave camps on their world and joined the numerous refugees circulating the galaxy.[14] Following the establishment of the Galactic Alliance, a Tynnan diplomat accompanied Alliance commander Gar Stazi on a peace-keeping observation tour to Kuthard in the Sepan sector.[21]

Behind the scenes[]

"Many sci-fi anthropomorphics are based off cats (including Daley's own Trianii), but Tynnans are a goofy cross between an otter and a beaver. You can't think of a *less* intimidating figure than a Tynnan, yet they're sharp and smart. I like that."
―Daniel Wallace[src]

The Tynnans first appeared in Brian Daley's 1979 novel Han Solo's Revenge.[24] Author Daniel Wallace has mentioned that Tynnans are a favorite species of his.[25]



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