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Tyrena was a riverside city on Corellia.


The city itself was split into two major sections connected by long bridges over the Auric River.[1] A grav-train line ran between Tyrena and the Gold Beaches.

Tyrena was the location of Groola's Place, an underground entertainment complex. There was also a rough section of Tyrena known as the Skids. Considered to be Corellia's most popular tourist destination, Tyrena also featured lavish hotels, vast ornamental plazas, and the busiest beach on the planet. Inhabitants of the Core Worlds flocked to Tyrena, which constantly filled the streets with sightseers.

Tyrena was also popular among adventurers, because it was relatively close to many of Corellia's most exciting attractions. Tyrena served as an excellent staging ground for forays into the Agrilat Swamps, slice hound hunting expeditions, and trips to the planet's stunning Gold Beaches.

On the surface, Tyrena appeared totally self-governed and free of Imperial entanglements. However, stormtroopers were present to "keep the peace," and the Empire taxed many of Tyrena's most lucrative businesses. Rebels could be found in Tyrena, hiding amid the throngs of tourists.

Despite the Empire's somewhat restrictive hold on the city, Tyrena still enjoyed a prosperous existence. During the Galactic Civil War, the city hosted several Festivals of Love.


Built along the Auric River, Tyrena was originally founded as two separate cities: Ty and Rennah. Merging over the centuries, Tyrena became a commercial metropolis of great importance. Tyrena served Corellia as the hub of culture and tourism due to its beauty and the city planning that went into its layout. Luxury hotels and resorts were separated by parks and plazas, decorative bridges crossed the Auric, and music venues unrivaled across the world. Located in the theater district was the Tyrena School of art, the Tyrena Dance Company, and the Corellian Symphony Orchestra.

Tyrena was important to the Rebel Alliance as it served as a major recruiting station and briefing center for Alliance pilots during the Galactic Civil War. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Rebel Alliance General Carlist Rieekan was having a meeting with the city officials in the capital tower at Coronet. At the same time, Crix Madine was planning his defection to the Rebel Alliance. As Rogue Squadron aided Madine's defect, the Empire began an amphibious assault on Tyrena, landing squads of Imperial troops on the beaches. Tyrena was also dangerously close to the base where Madine was awaiting pickup. The troops made their way as far as into the inner city before being completely obliterated by the Rebel's coastal defense guns that the Imperials forgot to take out. Rogue Squadron also aided in the strafing of Imperial troops. The Imperials were eventually forced to route from the city and the attacks on Coronet were repulsed. Due to the Empire's defeat, Madine was able to survive, and defect to the Rebellion successfully. However, despite the Empire's loss, Coronet's capital tower was completely destroyed by Imperial bombers.

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Tyrena appeared in the video game Star Wars Galaxies, a massively multiplayer online-role playing game developed by Sony Online Entertainment and published by LucasArts, prior to its closure on December 15, 2011.



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