The Tythonian Gnarls, simply known as the Gnarls, was an area of Tython, just located north of the valley which was the home to the heart of the Jedi Order; the Jedi Temple, during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.


The Gnarls was the name given to an area of wild land on Tython. Formerly the home to an ancient temple of the Jedi Order, many old stone bridges crossed the steady streams that crossed the region. By the time the Jedi returned to Tython following the Great Galactic War, the area was overgrown with thick undergrowth and home to many wild beasts. After clearing the land and restoring the ancient stone paths, the Jedi established an outpost and several landing pads on a ridge overlooking a massive crevice.[1]

Using the area as a training ground for Padawans and a place for the Jedi to practice their Trials of Knighthood, four holoprojectors positioned at ordinal points across the area contained and displayed the records of four of the Order's founders, which included Jedi Masters Garon Jard and Rajivari. As the Jedi maintained their presence over the years, the native Flesh Raiders began to press against the Jedi's territories and conflicts became more frequent. Despite many Jedi Masters' beliefs that the added challenge for their students was healthy, the Jedi High Council considered moving the training grounds.[1]



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