The War Droids of Tython were an archaic type of battle droid created by the earliest members of the Jedi Order. Stationed at the ruins of the fortress city of Kaleth, the war droids proved somewhat of a mystery to the Jedi as they attacked all who entered the site.


Created by the ancient Jedi known to history as the Weapon Master on Tython during the formative years of the Jedi Order, these war droids stalk the ruins of the ancient fortress city Kaleth, standing as a challenge to all who wish access to the First Blade. Created as a test of the merit of the Jedi who thought themselves worthy of wielding the weapon, the droids would attack any who approached them, including Jedi.[1]

When the Jedi Order returned to Tython during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, many Jedi archaeologist were confused as to the purpose of the droids' unprovoked attacks. Jedi Master Till'in led a team to the camp and planned on uncovering their purpose as well as understanding the ancient technology that kept them running for several millennia.[1]


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