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The Tythonian raptor was a non-sentient, bipedal reptile native to the Deep Core planet known as Tython.

Biology and appearanceEdit

A blue-skinned reptilian beast, the raptor stood over well over twice the average height of a Human female. Standing on its two hind legs, the raptor had three talons on each foot as well as on its two short arms. Its spine was ridged with short spikes which started at the crown of the head and traced the spine back all the way to the terminus of the raptor's tail. The raptor had a long snout and a mouth filled with a singe row of sharp, pointed teeth. The skin of the raptor appeared to crackle with a blue, ambient Force energy.

Raptors in the galaxyEdit

Native to the planet of Tython, the raptors were discovered by the early Je'daii Order when they first settled the jungle world. At least on one occasion, an encounter with the Order ended in confrontation. An Iktotchi and a Human Je'daii wielded swords against two raptors amid the planet's jungles.


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