The Tythos Ridge was a mountain range on Talss, the largest of the Tython's continents.


A lush mountain range on Tython, the Tythos Ridge was a series of squat and jagged mountains that crossed Talss continent. Important to both the Je'daii Order and later the Jedi Order, the ridge was landing place of two of the Tho Yor, around which formed the temples of Kaleth and Vur Tepe. Following the Force Wars, the area was eventually conquered by the Flesh Raiders, a species of barbaric primitives abandoned by the Infinite Empire on Tython. Scouring the land and burning away all plant life, the ground was a smoldering ruin and bones littered the few paths carved across the landscape. When the Jedi Order relocated to Tython following the Great Galactic War, Jedi Master Shol Bestros proposed that a meditative retreat be constructed on the ridge. Before such endeavors could come to fruition, the Flesh Raiders had conquered the area and made it inhospitable.[2] Instead, the Order established their Temple just southeast of the the Ridge during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Coinciding with the Order's resettlement, a group of Twi'lek refugees established the Kalikori village in the foothills of the Tythos Ridge.[1]



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