"Well, the legends surrounding my disappearance were correct. The Ray was indeed caught in the Tyus Cluster, and at the center of that mass of ugly black holes, time was nonexistent. Many others had been trapped there before me, though none had survived. Except for one… a Jedi Master. She helped me escape, and even taught me a little about the Force."
Kinnin Vo-Shay, to Nyo[src]

The Tyus Cluster was a cluster of black holes located in the Tyus sector of the Mid Rim.


The Tyus Cluster was one of several obstacles that Freia Kallea encountered while charting the Hydian Way.[2]

Many ships were lost there since it was discovered, the most famous being the Ashanda Ray, a unique Mon Calamari ship manned solely by Kinnin Vo-Shay. Much later, Kinnin Vo-Shay reportedly returned to Morado 50 years after he went into the Tyus Cluster, in the exact condition before he went in.[3]



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