"I am the last survivor of a crashed cruise liner, the Star Tours Tzarina. If you promise to tell others of our fate, I will tell you where the wreckage is. Perhaps you can find something salvageable there. Agreed?"
―The survivor of the Tzarina crash, to a passing-by spacer[src]

Tzarina was a passenger transport starship operated by the space travel agency Star Tours during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. That vessel shared many traits with the CR70 and CR90 corvettes manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation, and was nearly identical to the interplanetary shuttles that could be found in many spaceports across the galaxy at the time.[1]

At the time of the Battle of Yavin, the Tzarina was involved in a tragic accident that cost most of its passengers their lives. For unknown reasons the ship's droid captain decided to change course towards Yavin to show his passengers "something neat". Once there, the yacht collided with an unidentified TIE Fighter variant that was tumbling out of control through space. The collision caused the Tzarina's hyperdrive to initiate and throw the ship into hyperspace. When it fell out of hyperspace half a galaxy away it crash landed on Dathomir in Quelii sector. Only one passenger was known to survive the crash and find his way to the Dathomir Trade Outpost, where he told others his story.[1]

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The Tzarina shown in Star Wars Galaxies is very similar to a Corellian Corvette, but is smaller and shorter. In addition, it may well have been docked at Spaceport THX1138 at some point in 1 BBY, as per Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, where it can be seen in one of the two departure sequences.

In real-life, "Tzarina" (also spelled "Tsarina" or "Czarina") was a title worn by the the empresses of Russia before 1917.

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