U2C1 housekeeping droids were manufactured by Publictechnic. The model had a bare humanoid frame cast from a blue hardened plastic, and had a vacuum arm made from black flexi-hose. One was equipped with a stiff wire brush to remove persistent stains and the other had an attachment for cleaning upholstery. Both arms connect to the storage bin located in its middle; this was emptied via a hinged panel at the back. The droids were usually employed as robotic janitors or night maids.

It lacked a personality matrix, though it had a photoreceptor slot and a vocabulator capable of speaking Basic, because Publictechnic chose to eschew a streamlined frame personality matrix to achieve a more cost effective line. The droid's external parts snapped off easily, but replacement units were dirt cheap, and consumer complaints were rare.

In recent years, thieves found the droid's household keeping software easy to infiltrate and alter. Being a common sight in most establishments meant it was hardly noticed. In one hotel, a unit was programmed to go into the rooms of customers, and vacuum up jewelry and credit vouchers. Another other one sucked up a time bomb into its belly and exploded outside of the office of the executive as it passed on its way to buff the lobby floor.



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