U5-GG, also known as Gigi, was a U5 astromech droid who served the Resistance. Gigi was assigned to the spy Vi Moradi. The two were captured in a starhopper by the First Order, and Moradi wiped U5-GG's memory before stormtroopers could access any data. The stormtroopers were subsequently ordered to haul off the droid for parts.[2]

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  1. Phasma takes place a few weeks before the beginning of Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire which begins during the events of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, which is dated to 34 ABY by Star Wars: Galactic Atlas. As U5-GG is destroyed during the events of the main story of Phasma, it can be deduced it was killed around 34 ABY.
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