Ubbla Mollbro was a boisterous female Xi'Dec opera singer who was present at the Canto Bight casino on the planet Cantonica in the year 34 ABY. Her presence in the casino was due to her search for a hatching partner. While mingling with Canto Bight's elite, her activities were interrupted by a stampede of fathiers; the creatures were released by a pair of Resistance members during their attempt to escape from the city police. Confronted by the sight of the Resistance members riding a fathier directly towards her, Mollbro simple raised her arms high and screamed with a harmonic note.


Ubbla Mollbro was a female Xi'Dec opera singer who managed to accumulate a sizable amount of riches for herself[1] by the year 34 ABY.[2] Her wealth was not without punishment, however; the ultra rich disdainfully labeled the opera singer as "new money,"[1] in contrast to their long held riches.[3] However, this did little to dampen Mollbro's spirits.[1]

At some point, egg sacs covering her body grew to an engorged size,[1] and in 34 ABY[2] she made her way to the Canto Bight casino on the planet Cantonica in search of a hatching partner.[1] However, while brushing up against the casino's[4] unapproving[3] elite, Mollbro's activities came to a halt when the casino floor was flooded with casino's contingent of race fathiers. The horse-like creatures had been ushered into a stampede by two members of the Resistance, Finn and Rose Tico, who were escaping from police custody.[4]

As Finn and Tico's fathier sped in her direction, Mollbro raised her four arms and screamed out in a smooth, harmonic note. The sight managed to distract Finn's attention away from the chaos he had brewed in the casino. Ultimately, Mollbro avoided being crushed by the fathier.[4]

Personality and traits[]

A pale, off-white skinned member of the Xi'Dec species, Ubbla Mollbro was a boisterous opera singer[3] whose aptitude for making grand entrances[1] muted the scornful eyes of the "old-money" that contemptuously stared her down.[3] Covered in engorged, yet well-maintained egg sacs, Mollbro was eager to find a hatching partner among Canto Bight's elite.[1]

The mint-eyed singer's inimitable style sense[3] led to her casino attire comprising of a self-spun web-chiffon drape and her gray-colored hair to be formed into a layered pyramid atop her head.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Ubbla Mollbro first appeared, albeit unnamed, in the 2017 film Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi,[4] and was identified by name in the accompanying reference book Star Wars: The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary, written by Pablo Hidalgo.[1] Mollbro was designed by creature concept artist Tim Napper.[5]



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